Guildie Guest Spot - Sev's secret talent

Oops, better late than never right?  I forgot I DID have a guildie guest spot!!  I love songs and music and poems.  Sev impressed me in raid the other week with this baby (sing to Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer):

Voe the enhance shaman,
had some major dps woes,
and if you ever saw it,
you would even say it blows.

All of the other shaman,
used to laugh and call him names,
they never let poor Voe,
play in any raiding games.

Then one sunny Christmas eve,
Fuefue came to say,
Voe with your chain-heal so bright,
won't you heal my raid tonight?

Then all the raiders loved him,
and they shouted out with glee!
Voe the resto shaman,
You'll go down in history!