Frostwolves in Cataclysm Video

Finally!  My guild Cataclysm video is finished!  Thanks to everyone who patiently allowed me to drag them around and take videos of them, and no doubt wondering what it is for!

Music is Rev Theory's "Dead in a Grave".  I wonder how many people will complain about music this time?  My last video had lots of lovers and haters of the music so I expect no less this time.

So sit back and have a look at my latest creation, and as always I am proud of it.  Thanks all for your help!


  1. that's a great video! I came here to look at your site again and saw that it was up. I really love the achievement shots-- I should do that for my own guild raiding videos! Do you fraps everything every time you raid?

  2. @MissPewPew/Aidrana - I usually Fraps when we are about to get a kill, but the bad thing is because I am not expecting to FRAPS I often have stupid things on my screen like my quest objectives and my bags open... the hard thing is when you're doing a kill for the first time it's usually messy and it ends up an ugly video :)

    @Roshii - :) yay!

  3. @Sevros - Thanks Sev, you are the STAR after all :P

  4. Wooo! Great work.

    Will have too view at home as this laptop doesn't do it justice.


  5. @Hwired - I'm excited it's my first video that works in full HD!

  6. Awesome vid Navi

    almost felt like adding some cheeky comment everytime a boss fell on your vid


  7. BTW
    Navi, looking are u having so much time, I should have chosen your profession :P

  8. @Ksret - you can laugh at all the times I'm DEAD for boss kills :P


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