A few days of freedom = chase down those PVP achievements

OMG First post for 2012!!

With no kids and hubby away, I was free to play as much WoW as I want, which meant some marathon camping, rare hunting, PVPing and achievement chasing.  You'll see all my rares that I found on Saturday (some of which I am really excited about!), but here are the achievements I nabbed this week.

My big one yesterday was camping Gurubashi Arena, every 3 hours.  Short John Mithril puts the chest down every 3 hours from midnight on the dot.  Fortunately with the holiday and people being away I was given the opportunity to actually get the chest!

 So I was pretty excited about that.  Gurubashi Arena Grand Master! Woohoo no more Gurubashi arena!  I don't mind doing it to help others, I hate trying to get that damn chest.  Well, Darkmoon is up, so there is that arena too.

I also managed to get Resource Glut and Mine! without actually trying in Isle of Conquest.  And I also got Back Door Job as well from parachuting in.  And I also managed to get Four car Garage as well.

I finally got Tower Plower in Tol Barad, not sure why every other time I stuck a siege engine there and the tower died that I didn't get it.

A couple more wins in Tol Barad and I'll get Tol Barad Veteran and then I will be Master of Tol Barad!