Blogger vs Wordpress

Sometimes Blogger is so limiting.  I wish there were more gadgets I could stick on my site.  I don't like the dynamic views.  I wish it was more customisable.  I mean, have you looked at the official gadgets?  Some are really lame.  Lots of ads.  Fish swimming around.  Well maybe that's great for someone else but it isn't something that's really me.

Something I had considered was moving to Wordpress.  Wordpress has some gorgeous templates and I am not that blog savvy to be able to customise mine as much as I would like.  Plus it has some neat little gadgets/widgets as well.  I mean look at these blogs:

Bubbles of Mischief - changing banner
Amerence Love WoW - little round icons on the sides of the blog
Syrco Owl, Effraeti's RP, Repgrind - Look at those year stats summaries!  I want one!

But in the end, I haven't moved, you know why?  Laziness.  I can't be bothered changing my URL.  I can't be bothered relearning how to use a new blogging site.  And look how many posts I would have to migrate!  And I like how all my google stuff is all tied in together with Blogger.  I just wish there were more ways to make my site look funky and cool.  Maybe I should make it my New Year's Resolution to make my blog prettier.

I have asked Aidrana of MissPewPew about a banner for my site.  Now I'll have to think about what pictures I want to make it look pretty!  I think on Wednesday I might need to get myself some guild pics, when we do our 25 man run.


  1. Gee this conversation sounds familiar :P

    Weighing up the Pros and Cons is a good start. Ultimately though, if you think shifting to WordPress is worth it then I say do it. There's a tool in WordPress to import your posts from Blogger but since I haven't used it I can't say how good it is.

    Just a thought.

    See, I created a Blogger a/c just for the profile, not the blog function :P

    Thanks for the link above though :)

  2. @Cymre - it was your awesome header that made me start thinking about it in the first place!

  3. you could always look for a predesigned overlay for the blog. blogger is easily customizable because you can ignore the templates and just copy/paste your code into the html area. i know a lot of word press blogs are this way as well. blogger had a blog post of their own 6 months back about how web designers are using blogger and covering up the original blog interface. of course you would have to find somebody who is making templates to cut/paste from.

  4. @WWadeII - I could but you know how lazy I am! Now trying to find a template I like...


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