A belated Birthday gift

Look what I got from Lushnek today!

I had been wanting a Black Tabby for ages.  I had been eyeing them on AH and nudging my friends about my birthday coming up.  I even went to finish the Hillsbrad Zone quests and killed everything in sight to see if I could get one.  My friends tried to farm for it too, but got bored of it after a few hours.  But today, I logged on and Lushnek traded it to me and said "Happy Birthday - a bit late but I know you'll like it!"  And I was super excited.

Apparently ever since I had been asking for one he'd be looking in AH, trade channel for one, and if I wasn't in Orgrimmar or any major city he'd ask in trade.  Well, he got one on the AH yesterday and he won it and spent some hard earned gold and I really love it.

Thanks HK!! <3


  1. How sweet is Lushnek :P

    they are so cute IRL too


  2. There fairly pricey on the AH to, what a great gift. Happy Bday :)


  3. @Ksret - I think they're cuter in game!
    @Falln - thanks! Birthday was last December (not sure if you were in guild then) and I know it's bad, I was secretly disappointed nobody gave me a Black Tabby for my birthday! :P But now I have one so it's all good.

  4. I farmed my ass off for that emerald whelpling!! You should love that too!! Nah I'm kidding nav it took me half an hour to farm your one <3. -Rosh

  5. @Roshii - hey I still love my Emerald whelpling! And I haven't forgotten that you also spent hours trying to farm me a tabby too :)


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