Armory bugs today - Dragonwrath and Heart of Unliving

I thought it was just a one off, but it seems to be persisting for weeks now!  Sev's armory keeps showing him up as a female, and I'm not sure why.  Do you think it's because of Dragonwrath? I remember freaking when friend of mine was a male some weeks ago (prompting this post!) but that was related to trinkets and items which change your appearance.  Anyway, before it gets fixed, I'll just put a picture of Sev here so we can see how much prettier he is:

And another thing which I found buggy...  I was armorying Gutsy to look at his Heart of Unliving and it doesn't show the intellect on it!  I was sure it had Int on it, so I looked it up on Wowhead and found the correct description.  Coz that trinket would not be that great without the intellect.  OK I admit, I have trinket envy.  I want that trinket.


  1. Yep! The female armory bug thing is related to people who have Dragonwrath. If they log out in the Taregosa "form," then the game apparently gets confused and thinks they're female. I keep catching my guild's Dragonwrath wielders in their female forms on the armory and screenshotting them. :D

    As for Heart of the Unliving, the in-game tooltip shows the Intellect, as does WoWhead, but for some reason it hasn't been updated on the armory yet. I'm positive about the Int, because I sure wouldn't have rolled on the thing otherwise. :P

  2. @Faithy - we have to call him that from now on :)
    @Tzufit - Thanks! That solves that mystery (I mean it's not like I know many people personally who have it). And about Heart of Unliving I clearly remembered the intellect because I thought it had a 378 level of intellect compared to some of the other items. And now I envy YOUR trinket!!! :)

  3. Let's face it - I'm pretty in any form. :p


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