Woot Dragonwrath... wait no, take 2... yay Dragonwrath!

It should have been a glorious night, full of excitement and wish fulfillment.  Sevros was completing the final steps of his legendary chain, Heart of Flame, collecting the last of his Smouldering Essences, and then at the end he had to collect the Heart of Ragnaros from across the lava.  It wasn't the smoothest run.  Multiple wipes on Heroic Shannox.  So bad that they were considering doing it on NORMAL (I wasn't there, I was late - it's hard to get online on Saturdays).  Fortunately they managed to do it, after what felt like an hour.  And the other bosses weren't so smooth either.  I bet it's because me and Roshii weren't there /nod.  So when Sev came to Orgrimmar to hand his quest in, we announced it in guild, saying that Sev's getting his staff!  Gather in Org on Grommash Hold for guild achievement and pics!

So Sev starts the quest, the Blue Dragonflight has gathered around, and Sev's kneeling on a disc as Karecgos speaks to him.

Finally, Tarecgosa our beloved sister whose essence you have generously borne, has chosen this staff as her permanent home.  May her presence be a source of comfort and companionship to you.  Present me your staff, that we may endow it with great power.  We owe you a great deal for the part you have played in the destiny of our flight.
So we all stood around, waiting, as Sev prolonged the moment, no doubt milking it and hanging us in suspense.  And we waited.  Crowds gathered, and blocked my view of Sev.

I couldn't see because of all the commotion, but someone said "You can't complete it as a raid."  And you know, Sev was silent that whole time because he couldn't hand in the quest!  I know I was thinking... what!  What does this mean?  Does he have to do it again?  But he just abandoned the quest and did the whole thing again, so we had to do the whole ceremony again, take 2.

Sev muttered and shook his fist at Karecgos.  No doubt because it was an anticlimax to his legendary acquisition.

This time, we could celebrate the guild achievement! And take some pretty screenshots.

Gotta love randoms who ruin my shots

So off I went to buy my Lil' Tarecgosa.  Have to love double barrel achievements.  150 pets yay!

Though it won't be long before everyone catches up.  Darkmoon Faire is now open and there a whole host of pets to be purchased there.... after you do your dailies of course.

Here's a pic of my 150th pet:

Grats Sev on your Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest! And grats Frostwolves on another Guild Achievement!  One more Legendary to go...