Winter Veil Irony

I'm still doing my Winter Veil daily to get the Lump of Coal.  Haven't got it yet.

Yesterday I suddenly remembered I had to do it and Roshii and Lushnek came along with me.  I asked Roshii why he was still doing it since he already had the Lump of Coal, and he said he wanted the dagger.  What dagger was he talking about... I had no idea.  Didn't even know you could get anything except silly toys inside that bag.

Anyway, so I did my daily yesterday and when I opened up my bag there was a Miniature Winter Veil Tree inside.  Huh.  But no Lump of Coal.

It is pretty cool, the dagger really is a miniature Winter Veil tree...

I gave it to Roshii.  I wouldn't be using it anyway, except as part of a Winter Veil costume.  But can you believe the irony... and I'll just keep batting on, trying to get my Lump of Coal...


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