Winter Veil Decorations 2011

I love World Event decorations and Winter's Veil is no exception!  So here is my collection of screenshots of Winter Veil Decorations for 2011 (with a Hordish slant, of course).

Hordish Winter Veil trees are decorated with Skull baubles, cracked/broken baubles, axes, shields and swords, with chains as "tinsel".

 Great Father Winter is an Orc for Horde side, and I believe he's a dwarf Alliance side.

Carts full of pressies!

This year we have the Greench and Metzen all in one spot - in Hillsbrad Foothills.  I love the Winter's Veil feel the Greench has - "Winter Veil Elves" seated on the horns and presents dangling from them as well.

Silly old Metzen the Reindeer getting caught all the time.

The Greench's cave stash of presents - love the clockwork puppy!

On top of Ironforge there are some sledders!  Not Winter Veil related but I've never noticed them before, Roshii showed them to me.  In the cave there are kegs and people warming themselves by the fire, I think they fit in nicely with the Winter Veil theme though :)

 Off he goes!


  1. Yep, I noticed the sledders the other day and made a banner out of it for my blog but it's Alliance so I changed it ...

    Nice Pics

  2. @Cymre - I think anyone doing their Caroling would notice them up there near the entrance too, so hopefully all Hordies get to see them. Would have liked to see that banner!


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