Wednesday raiding - OMG a 25 man!

We had exactly 25 people turn up for raid yesterday and since Fue wasn't there, Belinia decided we should do a 25 man.  Which is fine by me, because then we don't have to sit people out.  Some people have bad connections in 25 man especially with all the AOE, so they don't like to do 25s.  But I thought it would be good because Roshii was the only rogue on and then he could get more of those legendary things since more drop in 25 man.

We only had 5 healers - Bladewind, Targetme, Voe, Me and Beauti.  Bladewind complained - where are all the priests??  Gutsy didn't make it to raid - he got locked out of his house by the real estate agent, so that's why we were down a healer.  But we managed to cope ok - my god Zon'ozz was messy - but it wasn't till Hagara till things went to crap.

We had multiple DCs.  6 or 7 people were DCing on trash and Hwired was swearing on Vent even.  Apparently it was all over forums - people DCing from moving or strafing.  It was so bad we decided to call it an hour early.

I have to remember to get that belt from the bank.  I didn't send a tell for it because I had the raid finder one, but it does have more stats, and of course, I could put a belt buckle in it (because I didn't for the raid finder one).

I ended up PVPing with Shabadu and Sevros afterwards, and Roshii at the end.  We had some pretty ordinary battlegrounds, and only one win but at least I could vent my frustration!

As I was heading to Canberra on Thursday night, it was unlikely I would be able to raid.  I wished that I could have gone :)