Wednesday raiding - LFR night

So this is what happens when you have 3 raid groups - If you run a LFR then only 25 can go. And last night we had 33 people turn up to raid. IMAGINE THAT!!! Just 2 more and we could run a 10 and 25 man....

So I sat out of the main 25 man and went to the other group, where we did a PUG LFR. Obviously the guild one went nice and smooth - finished off well before 11pm. Not sure what happened in there but I only know the funny side of my raid.

So we have Lacrox and Melfina's Warrior Faysong as tanks. So that gets us an instant queue. Me and Lushnek were healing - I told him to queue as a DPS but he wanted to go as DPS/heals so he ended up in a heal role. We had Gertluz (yay and welcome back to raiding Gert!) and Faithless and Gelina as well. Silly old Tacky didn't come back from his AFK and so we couldn't take him - we did wait a while! He came back JUST after we got in.

So the group fills up - tons of DKs! And we start doing the trash. People were impatient so a DK went and started pulling stuff, which was.. well ok I guess. But then that moron started taunting it off Lacrox and Melfina. Our vent channel was quiet for a bit but after a while we started chatting. We pulled Mor'chok and the DK who was being a tool died - he was taunting the boss off Lac and Melf. Lac said in Vent "I just let him die." and Melf said "Yeah, I was tired of trying to get it off him."

So the DK was yelling for a rez and I refused to Brez him but he ended up getting up and for some bizarre reason ran off to the side and pulled a set of adds into the group! So we wiped, and he left the raid, and a whole bunch of people were wondering what the hell was going on. So we just told them in raid that the DK was being an idiot and that's what happened. So a replacement came in and we did it all fine after that.

Did Yor'sahj after that and that was ok. Zon'ozz was alright too, and Hagara was quite easy as well. I was excited because I managed to nab 2 pieces of gear - a trinket (Seal of the Seven Signs) and Tier legs. So that was cool. So end of the raid, most of the people left except one shaman. So we requeued and managed to get a whole heap of new people.

Ultraxion we wiped at first since Lac hadn't done it before and wasn't sure how the debuff worked. Once he figured it out it was quite easy. It's not instant death anymore either if you don't portal out when he's doing that twilight thing on LFR. The guild group said Ultraxion was dead before the 3rd crystal came out. But that wasn't the case for us. PUGs you know :P I took the red crystal that time, but I didn't find that my healing was any better than it was on 10 man, so I'm not sure which way I would go. There were a lot of shamans healing.

So onto Warmaster Blackhorn. Wow, so easy. 2 Drakes were dead so fast. It was phase 2 before you knew it and boom, that was done.

Then we were on Spine of Deathwing. The raid leader, a rogue, was telling us what to do, but I could not understand what he was saying (and neither could Melf or Lac I think). Gert said, no just do it like this, and so we did it Gert's way. So the first go we didn't have those little blobby things being picked up by the big add, so the big add didn't turn into a bomb to blow off some of the armor plates and healing just became ridiculous. We got it the next attempt though.

So then onto Deathwing. After ripping those plates off, there's a cut-scene with Thrall blasting a big hole in Deathwing and Deathwing falls into the Maelstrom. I tell you, the whole instance is fantastic I think from a story point of view. A shame everyone just looks at it like it's some kind of lootfest cakewalk.

So Deathwing is in the lava clawing at the rocks around us and there are tentacle type things everywhere and the dragon aspects are helping. So we were healing tanks and raid, jumping from rock to rock and clicking a button that reduces damage taken by 50%. Both tanks died by the end, and we had 5-6k to go but we managed to kill it, which was great. One shotted with a PUG. It was a pretty long fight, and I was hoping we didn't wipe because it was past 11pm and I didn't want to try again (it's bedtime!). But we got it and I was happy. Achievements for guildies all round.