Wednesday raiding - LFR dumped WOOT!

One step forward in my opinion - LFR as a guild was dumped yesterday from official raid days.  It will be done on Saturdays if people want to do it as a guild.  Or maybe Friday.

So, the 3 10 mans happened yesterday with the skill mixed groups.  I have to applaud Fue for his patience (or stupidity? :P) because he had a LOT of whinging yesterday again, when people talk about having to "carry" the lower dps/heals/lousy connection people through the first 4 bosses of Dragon Soul.

Harder core players are demanding we drop the poor players.  But I think Fue has made the right decision, and I agree with him because our guild is NOT like that.  We do tend to baby our lower end of the bell curve players.  That's why we have such great guild retention and we have persisted so long.  Obviously doing it that way has caused us to lose some of our better players but maybe that was better anyway - those people who are always looking for something better will always find an excuse to leave when the going gets tough.  Besides, a lot of the players have been here for YEARS, and they have raided and helped the guild for years.  But Fue has said that they do need to pull their socks up if they want to continue to raid.  But in all honesty I don't think they will mind that much.  If they were only looking for some casual raiding then guild raiding in LFR should at least provide the fun of playing in a guild group with guildies without the progression pressure and stress that you get from proper raiding.

And yesterday I think I finally managed to overcome what I listen to on twitter or read on other forums.  Our guild progresses at what we want to do.  I don't want, or need to hear about how EASY it all is and how everything can be 2 healed.  Do I want to be keeping up with the Joneses?  No.  I want to do things at my pace and I don't think I need to be constantly thinking "OMG am I shit because I don't heal at 28k hps?"  Though of course I do need to see what other druids are doing because I do get complacent being the only one here.

So 3 groups.  We were all over the place.  We only had 7 healers so we had 2 groups with 2 healers and one group with 3 healers.  Melf/Blood/Target were in one group, and me/Yuda(Bladewind), and Voe/Gutsy.  The big test was Zon'ozz, for healers.

When the groups were split, I looked at them and thought hmm.. That's a weird split, no Warriors/Hunters/Shamans in my group.  Gley even said "Hmm, that's an interesting Tier split."  To which Fue said "I can't be bothered balancing the groups, the makeup is fine."  Fue thought we were whinging about the fact that we had 8 people in my group for Vanquisher Tier.

DPS were split up as well.  I had Az, Augment, Mischief, Shaba, Gert and Nok on his DK.  Hwired and Gley(Barkhoof) were our tanks.  Mor'chok was messy, and then we moved to Zon'ozz where we wiped on trash a few times.  I was feeling a bit frustrated and nervous about 2 healing Zon'ozz because we struggled with me and Voe doing it with Barkhoof helping last time.

My group's first attempt was lousy because Bladewind didn't do any dispels and he himself died to the dot, and I asked him why wasn't he dispelling.  He was in the wrong spec .... which didn't have dispels.  Once we got that sorted, we had a few more goes and Hwired died as well, and then we thought we'd try a couple more times before we attempted to 3 heal it.  We managed to get it down, and I don't even think I did that much healing.  It turned out Bladewind did 22k and I did almost 19k. 

Yor'sahj was ok, and Hagara was messy but it went ok in the end.  We had 2 DPS die (Gert and Mischief being squishy) and we killed Hagara right on the enrage timer.  And do you know what bloody loot we had?  3 Protector Tier.  And we had NO Warriors, Hunters or Shamans in our group.  What a waste of loot.  We had a giggle at the beginning because Mischief wanted to do the quest and we told him when to do it, and as he stealthed up to Hagara, Gert yelled "You only have 10 seconds to do it!" (Hagara was on a disc).  When Hagara came off the disc Gert said "Awww, shit you missed it," and Mischief was crestfallen but then he realised when he got the item, Gert was pulling his leg.  Gert then invis'd up to Hagara and pretended to pickpocket... had to tell that squishy doof to get back before he did something dumb and died again :P

Moo and Roshii were together in a group and were complaining that their DPS was 10k above everyone else.  And then they complained the tank died and their group had 3 healers.  Melee princesses.  If you're good DPS then of COURSE you should be 10k above the others who are not as good as you.  If you're not then... well, you're not that good.  Sev was also not in a great group but he didn't complain as much, though he did look a bit sad that it looked like their group would only get 2 bosses down that night.  Moo and Roshii were actually so funny in their complaints that Sev and I made up a song...
On the first day of Christmas the Melee said to me...
"This raid is a #$%@$# waste of time."

On the second day of Christmas the Melee said to me...
"We're doing 10k DPS more than the others"
"This raid is a #$%@$# waste of time."

On the third day of Christmas the Melee said to me...
"3 healers and the tank still dies"
"We're doing 10k DPS more than the others"
"This raid is a #$%@$# waste of time."
Anyway, it was funny from our point of view.  Maybe not so funny for their raid mates, but by the end of the raid they had loosened up and couldn't help but laugh at the antics of their raid.  Ayelena not rezzing the tank because he thought the shaman had a Brez (hey that's totally understandable, they do seem to get themselves up!), Faith had her stye pop and had blood running into her eye and she couldn't see... and of course, those bastards had 3 Vanquisher Tier drop in their raid.

Voe spent much of the night swearing at me about people being not raid aware, and Souglyy said to me he wasn't much fun to be with.  Sev was with them, and Gutsy and Voe were doing 25k healing each on Zon'ozz but still couldn't keep people up.  Voe apologised (sorta) to Souglyy after, because he wasn't yelling at her.  I've decided that Damara must be the blonde of the raid since she keeps standing in stuff she's not supposed to.  Mages :P

Their group was the last to complete the 4 bosses, but at least it was done.  And you know what dropped for them?  3 Vanquisher Tier.  WTF.  I mean seriously.  WHAT THE %$^#!!!!  My raid full of Vanquishers had none and both other groups had 3 Vanquisher?  /rage

So, I think that Wednesday night will always be the night of 3 groups.  We had  a big discussion in officer forums about it.  Fue summed it up nicely after we all had our bickering with this comment:
I thought I was fairly clear on that on Thursday & Sunday, but I'll reiterate it again tonight.

Now granted there is the side of the issue where some people just don't like playing with other people of lower skill, but frankly if they can't deal with it for one night a week for maybe a month or so then they are being very selfish. Yes its a game and everyone wants to have fun, but its a team game - sometimes you have put up with shit for the sake of  the team.
That's why he's our guild leader. The Fuefue has spoken.


  1. these are all true stories I was there when it happened.

  2. On the last day of Christmas Roshii and Moo tanked the last 10% of Morchok fiddle diddle deee..

    - Roshii


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