Wednesday raiding - How to play like a noob

It's really hard at this time of year.  There are few tanks and healers around.  But multitudes of DPS.  So last night I turned up and there were 4 healers, 4 tanks.  And lots of dps.  In fact, there were 6 mages.

I'm still at my parent's place and so I was playing on a wireless connection on my laptop.  2 bad things already when it comes to raiding.  Oh and no vent, if the net wasn't slow enough already and my computer blasting away on it's little fan... yeah 3 bad things.

What we did manage to accomplish was 7 down in the first night.  That was like.. wow to me.

The good thing I guess about running on bare minimum is that I don't have Skada running to see how absolutely craphouse my healing is.  And I know it's crap because I still have lots of mana at the end of a fight meaning I'm not getting my heals off often enough.

Anyway that leaves all of Thursday night for Madness.  It's another short raid week because it's New Year's Day on Sunday and Monday is a public holiday.  Theoretically we could have raided fully.  But no healers...

So I am kicking myself for totally idiotic raid behaviour.  But there was some other memorable moments.

  • Moo pulled agro he thinks and the boss turned around and the ball went the total opposite direction to us and hit a wall
  • Melee weren't standing in front of the ball and it hit the tank
  • For some reason my dispels weren't showing and so I was squinting at my tiny computer screen at the party windows to see who had debuffs on them.  That and my hotkey for removing corruption wasn't set on my mouse so it was doing jacks#$%
  • Lushnek still having a love affair with those moving ice spike walls
  • I forgot to click the button once, and the second time I clicked it a bit too late.  Wiped us
  • Tank forgot to click.  Died.  Wipe.
  • Roshii was complaining because we weren't 2 healing it.  As if I didn't feel bad enough already, my connection and framerate was so crappy I was being carried through the 10 man as it was, having the pressure to have to 2 heal it would just cause endless wipes.
  • I forgot to stand on the right side and fell off in the roll.  Too busy freaking out about being stuck in a tentacle that I didn't run over in time when it let me go.
  • The last tendon had 40000 on it before time ran out.  GAH!  So had to do the last plate twice.  Voe was the last healer standing.
However, I cleaned up big time in loot!  I was very reluctant to pick up the Girdle of the Grotesque and the Tier legs because I had raid finder versions already and I was hoping to use my dkp on gloves or helm!  However, helm dropped and everyone seemed to have it already so now I have Tier helm. Yay! So I switched my gloves to T12 resto gloves instead of the boomkin ones and still kept my 2 set T12 bonus.  Woot!  However, I don't like whinging about loot because Aza and Sev hardly get to pick up any gear because Conquerer Tier is hotly contested over.  So I had one tiny whinge and then I had to bite my tongue because I don't want to upset them.

Tonight I will be at home, on my nice computer, with my big screen and proper mouse with full addons so I will be a happy tree.  Can't wait.


  1. I didnt die to the ice spikes, i got hit by a frost bomb, and thrown into the bubble and died :(

  2. @HK - Oh, my bad! Well at least that sounds better than running into ice spikes (again)

  3. It feels kinda more reassuring in a way that the core raiding guys still occasionally make errors like us who are less experienced.

    7/8 in one night is fantastic.

    Although, with so many dps available and short raiding week, we could have sneaked in a few non-heroic geared raiders in for the first 2-3 bosses and have them sub out when it comes to ultraxon and beyond. I still think it is possible to get as far.

  4. Yeah I think next time that would be best, but hopefully no more short raid weeks for a while, maybe until easter.


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