Wednesday Raiding - 25 man LFR and 3 10 man normals

Huge turnout for raid last night.  We had about 28 turn up to raid and sat a few out, and then we did Dragon Soul LFR.  It was very easy, and I felt like I didn't have to give instructions for healing, though I did anyway.  I was doing pretty horribly on the healing meters though, and I thought "Wow, the nerf must have affected me more than I thought."
Last night we had 8 healers - Bloodzta and Gutsy who were new, and Beauti, Yuda, Targetme, myself and Voe.  I seem to be missing a healer somewhere. Hmmm. Never mind it will come to me later.  Voe got to DPS.  And my god he even topped one fight as DPS... I don't think we'll hear the end of that one...

One thing I noticed - that DH that holy priests have really kicks my ass now.  Tranquility is the poor cousin to Divine Hymn now.  Really shows on those heavy AOE fights when we are bunched up.
And the longer cooldown on WG driving me balmy.  It's stuffing up my healing rotation/rhythm.  I can see the Glyph of Wild Growth might be good for 25 man but it's not that hot in 10 man so I'm getting rid of it.  Haven't really got much option to replace it so I ended up putting Thorns as the other Major Glyph.  And not being able to dispel magic was annoying.  So I am respeccing back into Nature's Cure.
So we polished off the 4 bosses in about an hour.  That's all that is available on LFR at the moment.  We did rolls for all the items and I managed to pick up a new belt so that was nifty.  I will say now that LFR is fantastic for the casual player.  It's short, it's quick, it's easy.  If you only have one hour to play then you can get your gear from LFR and be done with it.  There was a little bit of thinking involved but not that much and it allows for so much - being slow to move, slow to dispel, slow to heal - so for the casual raider I think it gives them the taste of group raiding without the stress.  I even managed to score a belt out of it, which was better than my Firelands rep one.

So after that, on to 10 mans.

I thought the splits were a bit funny.  There was almost not going to be a 3rd group because we were short one healer.  But I convinced Fue that Voe and I heal well together, so can we be a 2 man group and everyone else have 3.  Which wasn't too bad in the end because Gley came on his druid (he mainswitched AGAIN!!! I'll give him 500g if he goes through one patch or expansion without mainswitching...) as a tank and his offspec is resto.  Back to the good old days in Vanilla where Barkhoof was his main.  But I digress.

Damara, the mage who was on her staff quest from Zodiac Guard who is friends with Gutsy and Fallnapart joined yesterday.  I hear she is a hottie, so that should send the boys into a frenzy.  But we are a mature guild :P so I don't think it will be that much of a flirtfest.  Fue was going to put her in my group but I said to put her with Falln or Gutsy so she can ease into a raid with someone she knows first.  Which was probably just as well coz she was d'cing.

So I had Belinia and Barkhoof tanking in my group, with me and Voe healing, and Caedis, Ayelena, Lushnek, Moopie, Roshii and Sevros DPSing.

The other group had Hwired and Lacrox tanking, and Yuda, Gutsy and Targetme healing.  Sekken, Az, Faith, Souglyy and Shabadu were DPSing.

The 3rd group had Fue and Manbull in it tanking, with Beauti, Bloodtza and McTacky healing, and Fallnapart, Damara, Ksret, Augment and Gelina DPSing.

My group got Morchok down first.  Followed by Hwired's group.  The third group had some issues with DCs but they eventually got it.

Morchok was quite easy, and I 2 healed it with Voe so it was OK.  Then we all decided to go onto Warlord Zon'ozz.  There, it was a bit harder than LFR.

Here's what we I learned :P
  • You cannot ping pong by yourself.  It is OUCH.
  • 2 healing it is OUCH.  Voe and I are normally pretty laid back but we were pushing out 20k hps and for us that's high since we normally bum around the 12-14k mark.  Barkhoof was healing with us.  I'm sure it could be done but I'll get onto another point about doing it better in a sec :P
  • Always check your gear.  I didn't realise until about 1030pm that I had been wearing the Blessed Medallion of Karabor again (where's AZA when I need him to check my gear!) so no wonder I was not the best healer in the world!
We had one good attempt but Belinia kept dying.  I ended up going into the melee group to help in there, but it was still not good, Belinia was taking a pounding.

Anyway, it was a good first look at the place.  Roshii's friend and my friend already cleared the place so I guess that's our goal for the week!  And I will check my stuff more carefully.

Groups are not set in stone, and there may be some shuffling of the groups in the next couple of raid days depending on who is turning up so that the 2 higher groups will not get gimped by non attenders, as we try to work out what we are going to do with a social group.