Twilight Highlands Fishing - now an awesome place to fish!

I didn't know this until this week that there are now Deepsea Sagefish Schools to fish in Twilight Highlands.  They are along the coastline where the Algaefin Rockfish schools used to be.  Which is great because Algaefin Rockfish makes useless +90 crit rating food (Baked Rockfish).  I have not seen any Algaefin Rockfish pools since this was told to me - thanks to Ksret for letting me know!  I feel a bit silly because I had been flying past them and ignoring them because I thought they were Algaefin schools.

So now we can get our spirit (Delicious Sagefish Tail) or intellect (Severed Sagefish head) food fish easily, AND as a secondary bonus it will keep the spawn rate of Twilight Guppy Schools up because people will fish both pools equally.  So I am a happy fishing druid.  At least it might drive down the price of Sagefish and Twilight Guppies on the AH.

Happy fishing!


  1. Woot! This is great news! Yay!! :D

    ~ Effy

  2. @Effy - I know! No more Murglesnout! Wheeee!

  3. Fantastic news! Have a gold star from me! :D

  4. @Lacrox - fortunately, they have lots of that in Twilight Highlands too.

    @Ara - :) TY for RTs Ara!

  5. Wow, I didn't know that! Thanks for that, I'll stop flying past now.

  6. @Ancient - It's one of those sneaky things that came with 4.3. I didn't even see it in patch notes!

  7. Navimie

    just want you to know, bears catch fish with their own paws... something for you to think about when you switch to bear form :P



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