Thursday raiding - what to do when Deathwing goes down...

It was my first night doing Deathwing on normal.  I was new, Falln, Souglyy and Entranosh were new, I think everyone else had done it before.  I hate not knowing something and everyone else knows how it goes.

Hwired as usual talks in his nice calm way and makes everyone think they know what's happening, because someone at least knows.  I was more worried where I should be standing.

Healing is heavy to say the least!  My mana was destroyed totally, was not healing for a portion because I just had no mana to heal.

It actually ran very smoothly, so smoothly that it was one shot.  There was one hiccup with a slightly late bloodlust in the early part, because when they needed it for one of the platforms, it wasn't up yet, and it was pretty close trying to dps that ?tentacle - I have no idea what they were hitting at that stage, I was just healing.

Fortunately only one person died and that was Entranosh.  I can't think of any amusing things that happened during raid, it all seemed to go smoothly.  Lots of "stand here" and "move the the claw" so it was all pretty straightforward.  I did feel a bit irritated at Entranosh who said that it was easy - of course it's easy when the group has already defined the strat and told you what to do!  From a healing perspective it was challenging at least, but I do get the feeling he was right - Ragnaros was harder in terms of end boss stuff.  And still is hard sometimes when people don't do it quite right.

Souglyy got a shiny new bow, and that was great for her.  I can't remember what the other thing was but it wasn't something interesting from my point of view.

So... heroics next week?  EEEK!  I hope we're geared enough!

After Dragon soul we went to Firelands to help Az get his legendary.  Damara joined us for a bit but Voe in his usual tactless way annoyed her and she left raid.  So Ksret came instead - it was his first guild Firelands run.  We tried to do some of Enna's quest things but some didn't go so well - think of it as practice for next time I guess!  We wiped on Rhyolith (but we one shotted Deathwing... go figure).  Heroic Majordomo was a pain, we got close so many times but wiped.  And I was scolding Ksret for mucking up our achievement attempt again.  It was getting late so we just switched to normal, and then killed it so easily and then off to Ragnaros.  Poor Ksret hadn't done it before and it's tough to take in all at once, so he died... twice.  But the fight other than that went rather smoothly.  Nok came along as well to replace Voe when Voe d/c and didn't come back.  Probably was bored of Firelands raid anyway.