Thursday raiding - trial of 3x10 with mix up groups doing only first 4 in DS

Well, Fue took my advice and split the healers with my suggest split, but what he wanted to do was mix up the raids a little on the days when we can clear everything.  I can see the logic of that, but there was a lot of angst among raiders and officers about it.  But you can't please everyone, and in reality we all accomplished the same thing - the whole point was to get the first 4 bosses down with mix up groups.  I don't think it's a bad idea, but I think next time might need to mix the groups up that little bit more.

My group was good, in fact we cleared the fastest of all 3 groups.  Ksret went deaf halfway through the raid and didn't hear us asking him to bloodlust.  Later he admitted to me he felt foolish, but what can you do when your headset has gone all weird?  It was funny coz Yuda was yelling at him through Vent "Can you hear me NOW?!" and you never hear Yuda yell - it wasn't an angry yell, it was just one of those yells you do when people cant' hear.  Was funny to me though.

So we were intially given the green light to go ahead for Ultraxion, but the 3rd group (Hwired's group) had some bad dps and were wiping on Hagara.  2 people did less dps than the tank so that wasn't a very good setup.  Afterwards we all got together to do the new Baradin hold boss, who was a cakewalk.

Well I got to walk away with a nice new Season 11 cloak, so I immediately respecced back into PVP resto and me and Sev did a few games after the raid.

Lootwise, some people got some nice stuff!
I got Tier shoulders and bracers
Barkhoof got tier legs
Hwired got the 2h weapon - then Voe was being a douche and taunting Moo about it who kicked him off Vent which I thought was funny
Augment got 2 tier pieces
Ksret got a belt
Moo took a 1h weapon and Tier gloves
Souglyy got Tier gloves
Aza got Tier from Baradin Hold (lucky!)
Sev got Tier

So in the end, all 4 groups got it down.  Leaving Sunday and Monday for progress.  I think I can live with that :)  And then I can continue to mix up healers so I can get to see what everyone is like.