Thursday raiding - Spine down!

I had a good feeling about spine for today.  Maybe it was because I wasn't able to raid tonight and I was hoping they would get it - I even told Fue the healer split in advance to get a decent skill mix (and also to make room for myself to get back in for Sunday in the 2nd group).

Anyway, I don't have much details.  I was driving home from my Christmas Party, stuck in traffic, and was thinking about the text messages I got from Lushnek.  The first one:

"One shot Ultraxion. One shot blackhorn."

Ok good.  Well, should do it with that group.  I wondered who the group was.  The second message:

"Wired/nabe/blade/gutsy/nok/az/moo/roshii/me/shab 2 healed first 2. Nok died twice both fights"

Well, Nok hasn't done them on normal I don't think.  Doesn't matter, either way he's at least helping!  So where did Voe go?  Sounds like he had a bastketball game at 10pm again.

So I rang Lushnek so I could listen to the fight.  It's one sided but I could hear Lushnek giving instructions so I could hear how the fight was going.  He whinged about the DPS because the tendon wasn't getting killed.  He battle rezzed Shabadu.  There were a few woots - I assumed that was the plate being ripped off.  Some left rights.  And suddenly he picked up the phone and he said "We got it!"  I was so excited!

Our second group was working on Spine as well.  So that was a good raid day all round I think.

So I asked for details.  I could almost hear the shrug of "I dunno" over the phone.  Lush was still on Vent and I think they heard my voice talking when he hit push to talk to say something to the raid.  Hwired said "Tell Navi we didn't need her!"  LOL.  Didn't need me or Voe it looks like :)

It didn't look like I was going to get many details out of Lushnek, so I sent a text to Roshii to tell me about fight.  This is what he sent back:

"Was very sketchy lol. But fun!"

So much for details =/ I have no idea what dropped or anything!

Anyway, that takes Frostwolves to 7/8.  2 days to work on Madness of Deathwing.  Go go Frostwolves!