Thursday raiding - Dragon Soul cleared in 2 nights

With only 2 raid nights this week because of Christmas, there was pressure to get to Deathwing tonight.  Unfortunately 23 people turned up to raid but only 4 healers, so only one group could go.  So it was Hwired/Belinia tanking, Voe/Gutsy/Beauti healing, Aza/Sev/Moo/Roshii/Shabadu DPSing.

There were 3 wipes on Ultraxion - apparently all due to Gutsy not pressing the button at the right time.  Gutsy said he was having a brain fart - he had something else on focus and kept looking at the wrong thing.  They were 2 healing it at that point so I guess he was needed.  They also took a few goes at Madness but everything else was one shot.

Beauti made a comment that perhaps Gutsy needed a beer to improve his performance :P  Ultraxion was going so poorly that Hwired nearly called it.  Should have just 3 healed it IMO.

Pally/Priest/Warlock Tier items dropped, and grats to Beauti, Belinia and Gutsy.

Bel died to adds on Madness on the kill.  He said to me that on one wipe attempt he tried to kill himself by jumping off the platform, but he ended up just flying to the next platform.

Yay to Beauti and Sev for getting Deathwing down!

And thanks Roshii for providing pics this time!

Next week, it's my turn :)