Thursday raiding - 3 10 mans again! One up to Ultraxion

Groups were reshuffled today.  But at least we still managed to get 3 groups together to raid.

My group had some significant reshuffling.  Lost Belinia, but gained Hwired.  Lost Caedis and Ayelena and gained Biship and Souglyy.  So back we went to Zon'ozz and tackled it again.

We were doing ping-pongs of 9-7-5 but on our kill attempt was 9-5-3 which was easier to heal.  I didn't heal as hard that attempt and I think Voe outhealed me on every boss kill tonight.  But Yor'sahj was so much easier than Zon'ozz - everyone should have been trying that first, IMO.  Next week I guess.  But for the life of me I still cannot remember which blob does what.  We accidentally pulled 2 packs of blobs and had absolutely no mana for almost the whole of that fight because when those blobs are up they suck all your mana away, and you don't get it back until you kill one.  It's for casters to kill one when you have no mana.  Ugh.

Hagara was not too bad either.  Honestly thought the lightning chaining would be bad but it wasn't.  Perhaps with a smaller group it's easier to coordinate.  The ice waves were easy to outrun too.  We just had some hiccups initially with the ice blocks being too spread out, but once we bunched up so that we could get them down quicker it was ok.  It wasn't showing on my healbot like it used to when we did Sindragosa so I might have to make some tweaks to it, so I can hot people up just before they get ice cubed.  But that was also a relatively easy fight compared to Zon'ozz.

So what silly moments did we have tonight?
  • In Hagara, Lushnek was trapped on one side of the ice wave and we were on the other side.  "HK start running!" yelled Hwired, Roshii and Az.  "Nah, I'm right," said HK, and then promptly got steamrolled by frostspikes.  We laughed our asses off at him.
  • Hagara is clearly a she.  Hwired kept saying him and he and his.
  • Voe is always running off in the middle of raid to get his new tier.. man that's annoying!
  • I held the raid up myself because I was busy ogling Ysera.  Alexstrasza and Ysera are so attractive!

Had a few looks at Ultraxion.  But it was getting late.  Took us a few goes to get the hang of that awful trash to start (ended up just having someone in the middle taunting and the others taunting them down and bringing them to the tank).  Melee had some issues targetting those dragonkin.  Healing was mildly intense but Ultraxion needs more research on our part I think.

One of the other groups got Zon'ozz and Yor'sahj down, and the other group didn't get any down, which was a shame.  Well, there's Sunday.  Looking forward to more raiding then.