Sunday raiding - Warmaster down

Had some group shuffling yesterday, and I had 4 healers in my group (Voe was assigned to DPS).  And after some hiccups we managed to get Ultraxion down.

Tanks: Barkhoof, Hwired
Healers: Navimie, Gutsy, Bloodzta
DPS: Lushnek, Sevros, Roshii, Fallnapart, Voe (offspec)

So we had a few wipes on Ultraxion before we got it right.  We ended up 2 healing it - because the attempt before we died with 150k to go or something and Lushnek had died halfway through the fight.

Grats to Fallnapart on the Tier chest, and Voe picked some offspec bracers.

Then onto Warmaster.  We had a strategy all nutted out, so people were onto it.  We had 2 attempts on it before we got it and we ended up 2 healing it as well.  Not that many kamikaze deaths (I tried to control myself but I did die from getting a little swirly then getting charged)

Now onto Spine, and I swear DPS was a little uncontrolled with corruptions and stuff everywhere.  For those who don't know the fight, it is a fair bit different to LFR (since that's the only time I'd seen it).  This is my simplistic understanding of the fight (and btw I think the idea of the fight is awesome!).  Oh and I'll take some pics on Monday night's raid so that I can break up this wall of text with some pretty screenies.

We're standing on Deathwing's back and his immune system is trying to get rid of us, and Deathwing rolling around trying to get us off his back.  When we jump off the ship onto his back, there are Corruptions up which look like fiery tentacles on the side of where the armour was ripped off.  These things are nasty and grab you (Fiery Grip) and do lots of damage to you until someone hits them for 20% of their health and they will let you go.  And they can also put this nasty debuff on you (Searing Plasma) which lasts for 5 mins, and the only way to get it off is to heal you for 200k (that debuff causes you to take 10k damage every 10 seconds).

Deathwing rolling is funny.  You get everyone to stand in one of the holes and you get a Grasping Tendrils debuff and this sticks you to Deathwing's back.  If everyone is on one side, he will turn to that side and anyone not stuck to his back (including all the adds) will just fall off.  Great if they adds are getting too much to handle!

When you kill one of those Corruptions, there is a hole left, and a big add (Hideous Amalgamation) comes out and a blob of blood called Corrupted Blood.  The dps are supposed to kill these Corrupted Bloods and make the Amalgamation walk through the puddle left behind, and build stacks.  Once you kill 9 bloods and the Amalgamation has got 9 stacks of the Absorbed blood, it starts pulsing AOE (Superheated) and you have to get it close to the armour plate so it can blow up when you kill it, which makes the plate half rip off.

Burning Tendons are underneath the plate trying to get the plate to stay on (casting Seal Armor Breach), and DPS have to kill those.  Otherwise the plate sticks back on again, and we have to start over.

So, do that 3 times and then Thrall can shoot Deathwing in the back.  Nice.

Anyway, the raid didn't go well because of a lot of things:
  • Uncontrolled DPS making Bloods, Amalgamations die too fast before we could get it to get the stacks and position in the right spot
  • People getting grabbed by Fiery Grip and not getting DPS'd out of them so they went splat
  • Doing Barrel rolls and people not being attached and falling off
Healing was fun, definitely a good challenge.  So different from Blackhorn's fight where I can zoom out and look at the whole ship - on Deathwing's back when you turn around you get blocked so you zoom  in and out which is really irritating.  Anyway, didn't make much progress on it that day.  Hopefully tonight a bit more progress :)