Sunday raiding - Ultraxion down

Well it felt like a struggle last night in my group.  Ultraxion was NOT dying because of a number of things:
  • Weird timer/UI issues.  The twilight debuff wasn't showing on some people and then they would blow up.
  • We hit enrage a few times, and died at like 2-3%
  • People slow to click their button
And then we decided to 2 heal it.  And there was a huge difference.  Voe brought some 10% buff to the melee which improved their DPS markedly.  So me and Bish 2 healed it, the first time I felt struggly and mana starved, the second time was a lot better, such that Bish was almost equal to me, which was satisfying.

Healing is intense near the end!  When you're right on enrage the healing is just ridiculous with 3 healers!  Bish took the red, I took green, and Voe took the blue crystals, but on the 2 heal attempts, Bish took red then switched to blue, and I took green.  It didn't feel like it was doing much.  AND today on Twitter, Juvenate of WTSHeals mentioned this to me:

And here is Essence of Dreams from Wowhead tooltip.

Ok well that's gonna change what I'm doing next time round.  OMG I feel like an idiot.

So that wasn't my only stuff up.  I had my usual one - I was healing without weapons one attempt.  Wondering why I was doing 21k healing instead of 29k.  And I was so enamoured with the Dragon Aspects that I forgot to eat.  I'm telling you, Alexstrasza is DAMN FINE.  I'm putting more pics of them here because they are all so hot.  Nozdormu's tattoo is shiny along the edges... drool.

We eventually got it, with 1 minute to spare, 2 healing it.  The second group got it not long after us, 3 healing it.  The third group finally got Zon'ozz down and Yor'sahj and were going to do Hagara but ran out of time, so they can do that tonight.

Loot wise, Pally/Priest/Lock tier dropped, yay for them.  And we had to DE a healing plate something.  But at least that's another one down and we can work on the next one.

Oh, and here's something that was cool, we got a guild achievement last night:


  1. Lucky that Wowhead is wrong then :P
    Dungeon Guide says:
    Ysera creates a crystal of dream energy. Activating the crystal imbues one healer with the power of dreams, which causes all healing done to be duplicated and distributed evenly amongst all friendly targets within 50 yards for the remainder of the battle.

  2. Reallly? Thanks HK! Now I don't feel so bad! But I would like to try red crystal next time...


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