Splitting hairs and splitting heads over Splitting Groups

One of the worst jobs officers have is splitting the groups.  Fue hates it.  Lushnek hates it.  I'm not sure if Belinia hates it, sometimes he gets perverse pleasure from doing things to people.  Hwired hasn't had to do it yet, but I bet you he'll hate it as much as any of us.  Moopie and Sev wouldn't want to do it (I mean, they'd split the group to their benefit, but I'm not sure how they would deal with the whining that comes with it from raiders).  I don't like it, but if I have to do it I will and I always try to justify my splits.

Last week, the healer splits were a bit funny but it was our first week, so it takes some smoothing.  Everyone wants to be in the raiding group, not the casual group, and with healers, it's really hard to split them.  What I don't want happening is if a healer is put into the casual group that they think it's not worth turning up to raid and not attending.  Though of course, if that happens, it makes their raid attendance low which makes it even less likely they will get into the progressive raid group.

Last week we had a shaman in both two progress teams, a priest in both progress teams, and a druid in one and a paladin in one.  The casual group had 3 priests.  Yeah.  I know.  Weird huh.

So unless someone has a difficulty with attendance, I don't think there should be a regular healer in the casual team.  If someone knows they can't make a day, then it's ok for them to be in the casual team and they should accept that.

So this week, I thought it would be best to get all healers out of the casual team and put them in the progress teams.  However, I will keep the two shamans each in one of the progress teams.

This week, I think I will do the split like this:
Group 1: Voe (shaman), Beauti (priest), Gutsy (priest)
Group 2: Targetme (shaman), Bloodtza (paladin), Biship (priest)
Group 3: Navimie (druid), Yuda (priest), Melfina (priest)

So I think that will be a reasonable split.  Maybe I can have a lazy week if the third team doesn't work out too well.

There are so many tanks too.  I think that one regular tank per group would be good, with the second tanks moving around so each can have a turn in the casual group.  Probably Belinia and Fue will be doing it, so I'm not sure.  I would hope that Hwired and Manbull stay fixed in their teams and the other tanks can move around a little.

Fue said yesterday in LFR to the group that logs will be examined and those doing less than 20k dps will likely not be able to do the Ultraxion fight well, so will be put into the casual group.  Ultraxion is a nice static fight so dps can be assessed easily there.

Well, I'll see how we go tonight.  See if Fue takes on my healer split advice or not.