OK we are never gonna see this again....

I had to show this because this will probably be the only time we only have 2 horde guilds in front of us but....

So good work Frostwolves!  I don't think there will EVER be a time we would be ahead of Conclave and NV but being the next guild behind them surely is a fantastic thing :)


  1. Grats! Way to be working the edge. Did you all do dry runs during the 4.3 PTR testing? I am guessing that is how some guilds get all their practicing out of the way.

  2. @Draccus - Nah, we are just lucky I think because it's either lagging or not updated because most people are out there having cleared the place already it seems! But it's exciting for us :P give another week and we'll be back down again.


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