New Rare Pics for the Week

Well I was happy to get Swiftmane this week. I had to actually engage him in combat (and then hibernate him) as he runs all over the damn place so fast it's almost impossible to capture a decent picture in his natural environment.  I tried to get the last ones I need in Northern And Southern Barrens.

Finishing up Darkshore

I wandered over to Teldrassil to see their rares

And while I was in Blasted Lands tried to finish up there before Cymre killed them all :P

And the rest are from me drifting from zone to zone when I had some free time.  Was happy to see Occulus, Aza and Cym say he's always up but I've never seen him and one time I did I was about to raid so couldn't go nab a pic.  Gee those Searing Gorge ones are annoying, I get lost going inside those mining caverns.

And how I wish I could do that exploit about how to get to Vern.  Though I could get banned doing that, me and Ayelena tried for ages one time and he got stuck and had to get a GM to get him out and the GM said he could get banned for trying stuff like that o.O


  1. /Psh! I haven't been in Blasted Lands for ages. Nice job on all the finds. You have some I don't have :)

  2. @Cymre - :) well I have been trying to get your elegant robe for you

  3. I did get a pic of me with Kaye Toogie from Dal. the poor Undead stuck on the pit next to the horde in.


  4. @Ayelena - I am not sure where that pic goes, I don't think she's a rare. Would have to make a new post about hard to reach places or something :)

  5. I sure do like the look of that Duskstalker!

    ALso, always been curious about those gremlin things...

  6. @Jamin - Those imp things, I don't think I'd seen any before but this week I had 2!


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