Navi's Winter Veil Antics - BB King and Caroling

So what else does one do on Christmas day after opening your pressies and opening your kid's pressies and making the round of phone calls and then having your family lunches and dinners?

Why of course, you do your WoW Winter's Veil antics!

I should have used my Merrymaker Title.  Doh.
I did try to do some of the earlier in the day when my son wasn't alseep.  Bad idea.  Because I was trying to do BB King, which requires concentration and definitely no AFKs.  That achievement was more like BBQing, with Navi as the silly sausage.

So I started in Stormwind, which was easy.  I just flew in, and stealthed my way up to Varian in the .  I stood right in the middle and shot that smug human king between the eyes.  Then I was pwned by all the mobs around me.  I rezzed and stealthed out through the gardens.  I thought ok this is easy.  I then tried to get to the Tram but there was a rogue there who saw me as I emerged from the portal (annoying that if you go zone into Deeprun stealthed you come out unstealthed), and though I stealthed straight away, they were looking for me.  I managed to get on the tram though.

It was at the other end there was a bit of kerfuffle.  The rogue who I thought was going to leave me alone attacked me and I escaped by zoning out of the Deeprun, but he was there waiting for me, and hit me again so I walked backwards into the portal again, and then rezoned and he wasn't there waiting (probably zoning in and out like me) and I quickly stealthed and headed to what I thought was a safe zone - near the Forlorn Cavern.  However, on my way there, my son woke up from his nap and demanded attention and I got seen by a mob, so I had to die while I took care of him.  I came back and rezzed and then tried to figure out where Muradin was - and got lost and ended up near the auction house which resulted in further death(s).  I got shot out of the sky, I got seen when I was rezzed... it was just ugly.  I gave up and came back hours later when all the body campers had left.

I thought the worst of the deaths was over.  No no no.

So I got into Muradin's chamber.  Awesome.  I lined it up and shot the bastard, and tried to get another shot off for good measure before the guards swarmed me.  I thought thank the Titans that's over.  I checked my achievement.  Muradin was not complete.  Crap.  The shot had missed.  You bastard.  I rezzed again, and shot him again and watched it this time.  MISSED again!!!!  OK, third rez lucky... I got him and I rezzed after that death down in the underground corridor from his chamber and hearthed to Moonglade to get Tyrande.

Now I like Tyrande, she's a pretty thing.  I love how you can fly to Teldrassil from Darkshore without dying to fatigue.  So that was easy.  Sneaking in was easy.  I rarely get to look at Darnassus so I took a few tourist pics while wandering in.

Now I didn't know Tyrande had a spirit owl as a pet.  Anyway, she was an easy one one to shoot.  And I died at her graceful feet, with Malfurion at her side.  Weird that he has half the health she has.  Guess who wears the pants in that relationship.  She is the more attractive one anyway.

So off to Exodar.  I thought I could fly there from Teldrassil.  I was wrong.  Died to fatigue halfway over, so I had to take rez sickness in Darkshore and fly again to Teldrassil and take the boat over to Exodar.  That was much better.  Velen was also a nice easy target.  Took some tourist shots there as well before I found my nice shooting spot.

After that I did a couple of instances to get some pics of the bosses who were showing their Winter Veil spirit so my guildies could get some winter hats:

And I finished the night off opening my Winter's Veil gifts and doing A-Caroling We Will Go.  Nice easy fly ins, activate your Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater, and that's it!