Monday, December 26, 2011

Navi's BB King routes

The easiest ones to do are Darnassus and Exodar. As horde, start from Darkshore and fly over to Teldrassil. You can easily make it without getting fully fatigued.

Stormwind is the easiest to access by flying.  Since it's out in the open there are quite a few access points.  The gardens are easy.  I flew back out from the gardens straight to Deeprun Tram.

A few things to note:
  1. You CAN miss!  Take 2 shots if you can!
  2. It does like 1 dmg to the boss.  So the boss and all their minions will agro.
  3. You have to be standing still to shoot it and it takes about 1 second to shoot.

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