My new Moonkin Hatchling

Well I now have a new pet thanks to Roshii - a Moonkin Hatchling.  I think that adding your pets and mounts to your Armory profile was a brilliant move by Blizzard, because people can see what I don't have if they want to give me a present :)

So here is my cute little buddy:

And I didn't know it could fly!  It's adorable!  He has the cutest animation for flying flapping his little wings.

Ty Again Roshii!  And TY to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday :)  Though I guess if someone makes it the Message of the Day you would feel obliged to with me a happy birthday, right? :)


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Navimie! I didn't know they could fly! Oh, that's so going on my Christmas list.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday.

    They also plant flowers every so often and you have to /dance with it. Definitely one of the best pets you can get through the Blizzard store.

  3. Happy Birthday Navi! I didn't see the message :(


  4. Oh I feel bad now, I wasn't asking for birthday wishes but ty all for them! I was just trying to say why Roshii gave me a moonkin hatchling.

    @Ancient - TY! I never knew it was so cute! I guess if I had known I would have bought one earlier.
    @Erinys - TY and I will have to do the /dance. I've seen it casting sometimes, though not sure what.
    @Hwired - it's ok Hwired, I'm sure if you saw you would have said it, don't feel bad, I didn't tell you after all! :P

  5. I love this pet, a mini-moonkin, who wouldn't. I got it earlier this year as a gift from the Mrs. Moonsayer. I just changed all my comment icons and finally found Gravatar so I can leave a nice pic on those strange Wordpress blogs as well.

    I keep looking to see if the mini-moonkin pet casts a mini-moonfire spell, but have not seen it yet. Indeed a classic companion pet. Just wait until we can fight with our pets in MoP. I predict that baby boomkins will rule the pet Pantheon. Pew pew for the win.

  6. @Draccus - Your Avatar is VERY cute!

  7. Mine was a gift too. I agree he's very cute :)


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