My Celestial Dragon

I totally forgot to put some pics of my Celestial Dragon.  How could I forgot my little fella who was my reward for Littlest Pet Shop!

Now, even though I was excited to get him, I am not that excited to have him out.  He zips all over the place, and it can be rather distracting, but if you look closely he is actually zipping around in the shape of a 5 point star.  I guess if you had the celestial steed and him, it would look pretty cool to have both of them out.  But he is a pretty cool skinned pet.


  1. Does he fly along like mini-moonkin does? It is a nice reward for collecting all those other little companion pets. I am guessing you are getting ready for you pet army in MoP?

  2. @Draccus - yes he does fly alongside you. I wasn't sure if I'd use him for my pet army... but I might!

  3. That's awesome! So cool :)

    (Now I know who not to mess with come MoP!)

  4. @Jamin - Heh I see future pokemon battles coming!!!


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