Monday raiding - I'm stuck on the boat!

Warmaster Blackthorn is a pretty cool fight.  Lots of movement, lots of raid damage, you would think I would own that fight right?


Voe is kicking my ass in it.  A shaman!

Granted, he is burning his mana to get there.  And of course with the way heals go, there's a bit of sniping involved too - not intentional, as he and I have the same mentality, someone needs healing, heal them, not wait for whoever is supposed to be healing them to heal them up.  Anyway, enough griping about how to fix my healing, and on to the main story.

We are on the ship (the flying one!) on our way to kill Deathwing, and Warmaster Blackhorn and all these twilight dragons and other people are trying to stop us.  They're bombing the ship, trying to take it down.  Our job is to take those hits instead, so the ship can MAKE it there, and when we make it there, Blackhorn jumps down onto the deck and fights us, big mean warrior style - Vengeance, Shockwave, Devastate.  All those big mean scary things Tauren warriors do.  So there are big shadow bolts which look like big swirlies that we all have to stand in, and there are little ones that 1-2 people can stand in.  And the damage is shared by whoever is in those swirlies.

Anyway, since I'm the suicidal druid, I keep trying to save the ship by jumping into swirlies when I'm not at full health.  DUMB idea!  But I feel bad just watching the ship get pounded!  OK, I know I need to be alive (especially if we're 2 healing!) but I'm a martyr ok?? :P

So we start it out, and adds are just EVERYWHERE.  Cleaving people, smacking healers... splat goes me and Voe first off.  There was just so much to do as dps running around attacking mobs, Vent was full of "Sapper, Sapper!!" and "Get in the big swirly!" (saying "Get in the pink hole" just sounds WRONG).  The poor boat died so many times... so we decided to try to 2 heal it.  Gulp.

Voe was the top healer and he had to dps so the melee could get their buff.  And he ended up being top dps.  He said to me after that it felt really good that people were saying to him "Nice DPS."  He said it was good for his ego.  I told him that his ego was fine, he didn't need people to tell him that, to which he laughed and said I was right.  But he can be annoying and loud and brash, that it makes me cringe at times, but god it's funny.

Bish got the hard end of the stick from me for not enchanting or gemming his 397 gloves he got, and he was a bit stressed by the end of it from all the people analysing his deaths.  I don't think they were criticising him per se, I think they were just trying to figure out how they could pull the boss faster in phase 2 so he didn't die as soon as the phase started.

But at least we got to see Blackhorn three times.  The first time I died to the shockwave (I was far out - you can't stand too close or you get silenced) and the next 2 times I was 1 healing it coz poor Bish had gone splat.  Fortunately healing is not TOO heavy in that stage.  Towards the end I got grouchy and called a wipe after I died because once I get rezzed there is NO WAY to get all my mana back to heal and people will just die anyway.  Aza seemed to think it was bad of me to call a wipe just coz I died, but i really didn't want to be rezzed wtih 30k mana...

I had a giggle when we had a bit of a chat post raid when Aza and Roshii were discussing the melee buff.  Az said he was happy because he beat Roshii on at least 2 fights this week, and why on earth would Rogues need a buff when they already do 30k dps.  But that gunship fight is just rubbish for melee, especially those who need combo points when they run from target to target (ie feral druids and rogues) - but a great Afflock fight (kudos to Sev!).  And also Moopie was funny - he halfheartedly complained that he was the only Protector Tier person before, with no hunters and shamans and now he is in a group with Souglyy and Voe.  So he had to share his Tier.  The moans and groans from the Conquerer Tier wearers (ie Aza on his lock) and Vanquisher Tier wearers (ie me, HK, Hwired, Roshii) were amusing to say the least!!  So I am looking forward to next week to see what we can do.  However, healers will be shuffled around, so we'll see how that goes.
So, the other team also had issues on that boss as well.  Both teams had 21 attempts at it last night.  The 3rd team at least got to Ultraxion but they couldn't get it down.  That's only one boss behind us.  So that was pretty cool.

So that was the end of the raid week.  It showed me a lot of what I can and can't do in terms of healing this patch.  And I have come to the conclusion that I just have to work harder to get back to being in the top 3 healers again.  So, I have respecced after Mondays' raid to get a little bit more mana back (took 1 point in Furor) and also dropped Perseverence and took Living seed to see if I can get any extra heals out of it.  Hopefully the extra mana will help me through while I'm throwing blanketing rejuvenation and then maybe I'll get a few living seeds out of nourish/swiftmend/regrowth for extra top ups.  But now I'll be just that little bit more squishy.


  1. I kept on dying on the big swirly, until Shab reminded me to use mana shield (not a often used skill for me since mages generally stay outa harm's way). Ironically I had the most frequent pyroblast procs on the one fight i decide to try out mage armour instead of molten (... did they secretly reverse the two armours)

    And I did run/blink to smaller swirls without regard for my health whether my partner for the area is there or not. Sharing with the healer so I always worried that if Med got there and I didnt he will die and I'll feel its my mistake (and it did happen once or twice). I guess things will be better once I get the LFR gear (ilvl only 375 now).

    Looking forward to the next raid session



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