Monday raiding - beating our heads on Deathwing's spine

Well, a whole night spent wiping on Spine of Deathwing with my group. Wasn't a great start to the night anyway as Voe sent me an SMS to say he was playing basketball and would be done at 10pm (but ACTUALLY I read it wrong and he was starting a game at 10pm). And Bloodzta didn't turn up either. So it was just me and Gutsy. So to fill the group we ended up taking the 2 mages, and we were going to kick the worse one out when Voe came on, but as it turned out we kept them all night.

So what was wrong last night? Sigh, where do I start...
  • People not moving fast enough when you want Deathwing to roll to get rid of the adds.  It hurts standing in those holes and the adds hurt too.
  • Gutsy was tanked.  And he kept drinking too.  His healing was still alright, but he did have a few unaware moments, but I didn't think it was that awful but other people did.
  • A few low DPS moments where the tendon did not die and the plate went back on.  Maybe more than a few.
  • Still have uncontrolled DPS.  Things dying to early, Amalgamation was not low enough health with the 9 stacks so it didn't die and we had to start over again.
By the end of the night I had a bit of a rhythm going.  So I would tranq at first roll, Gutsy would DH at Nuclear blast, then I would tree form for next  roll and hopefully by then my Tranq would be up for the next Nuclear blast, then Gutsy could DH at the next roll....

And the funny thing was, though healing was just crazy, I didn't seem to pull really big numbers for healing during that fight.  Maybe 10-12k tops.  And that was 2 healing.

So we went to 3 healing after that, got Lushnek to heal.  He had a shaky start with no addons but by the end of it he was pretty good, as he was sufficiently good for an offspec healer (I think Barkhoof did worse the first time we did Zon'ozz).

One debuff I had difficulty seeing was the Searing Plasma.  I was trying to set my healbot up for it so that I could see the debuff (like I used to when we did Saurfang in ICC) but I couldn't seem to find that function last night.  I will have to look closer at my healbot later.  Anyway, it's annoying because I can't see who has it so I don't know who I should be throwing heals onto.  I guess that's another thing that doesn't show on heal meters because you have to heal them for 200k to get the debuff off, and all those are overheals anyway, so it wouldn't count towards effective healing according to the proper heal meter.

Overall, it wasn't a great night.  Roshii got cranky because people did not know the fight mechanics (the first time I tranq'd inside a hole which was a bad move but I couldn't move coz I was chanelling - subsequent times I ran out as soon as I saw the adds fly off and threw the tranq), and I am seriously looking forward to tackling it again.  I can't wait till Wednesday.  Unfortunately I will not be raiding on Thursday, so perhaps I should go in another group.

The other group bashed their heads on Blackhorn, and had issues during phase 2 with Beauti dying first most attempts.  I think Blackhorn just has a crush on her.  So they were stuck as well.

The issues with groupings occupied my mind so much that I had to vent it out for some ideas on how to cope with it to one of our guildies who no longer plays WoW.  He suggested some ideas for how we should do the groupings, and I will bring that up in officer forums later - basically set a roster so people know when they are expected to be in another group and it can be all shared and open for everyone to see.  Not going to be a popular move, but it may be the only fair one.  Will mostly affect officers though.