Minipost: Furtive Father winter posts from around the Blogosphere

Today is the closing deadline for the Furtive Father Winter posts and presents!  There were heaps of good reads and gifts!  Here are some of my favourites:

Kamalia (Kamalia et alia) got from Liala (Disciplinary Priest) some beer labels
Karegina (The Relucant raider) got a story from Draccus (A Druids Doodling)
Poneria (Fel concentration) got a Christmas warlock mogging guide from Nightwill (Info about WoW from the Altoholic)
Fannon (Dwarven Battle Medic) got from Thespius (Healer by Nature) a cool redo logo of Coexist and a WoW oriented Christmas message

And of course you can see my gift to Anslym (Bag Overflow) which was a pictorial 12 days of Winters Veil.  I was very proud of it.  Especially the Turtle gloves, and the 6 priests.  Confused?  Go check it out :)