Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!

Is there a week where Tzufit DOESN'T write something awesome?  This week she wrote about the Ethics of Raid Finder, which generated a lot of discussion.  She mostly went over the questions that people put forth about loot for raid finder and made some pro and con statements for each of them.  I made my comment but I do want to expand on it a little.

People whinge about loot issues, like about how those with crappy dps/heals etc or those who don't do much (like afk the whole fight) could outbid people on loot, or how people who are in raid gear could be spiteful and roll on tier again, or even those who take 2 of the same tier token from one boss.  Though my approach to loot there is a random chance thing and I am not too upset if I don't get anything, I don't think that you can make it performance based because then those who are already geared would win stuff, right?  And of course you would have to be a nasty person to take two of the same tier item - I know that if it was me I would pass it to the next highest roller on the item.  And I don't see any problem with rolling need on the 2 same tier items if 2 drop from one boss because you never know if you could win one.

What about those who don't have the opportunity to do normal raids or heroic raids and LFR is all they have?  Well, I can understand they get upset that raiders come along and take their gear BUT in LFR you don't need to be that well geared to do well in there - the heroics give really good gear already and you can gear up from those and be LFR ready.  Raiders may need to gear up to be able to do normal runs, but you can still do them in 378 gear as well, so they should be allowed to roll on it.  As I said in my comment on her post, I look at LFR as a big dungeon where loot is all FFA.  Some people even commented that LFR is easier than some of the dungeons...

Jasyla wrote a nice piece, In Defence of Regrowth.  Now I use Regrowth a lot, more than healing touch, and it used to annoy me when people said Regrowth was a crappy spell.  Granted it was better before when it had a longer duration, but it has a faster cast time and I'm so used to casting it now with OOC that it's second nature.   Looking at her World of Logs heal chart makes me feel a bit gimpy though.  With Voe in the raid I can't hit those numbers :P goddamn sniper! /hugs Voe

And who would have thought our Warchief Garrosh had a poet in him?  I love a good rhyme.  Mortimer vs the Razza is an epic verse indeed.