Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll December 18, 2011

Tzufit has done it again.  This was a really useful post for me she wrote in her Quick Tip for Healing Hagara. I knew that hots would tick on targets if applied before the Ice Tomb in Hagara but I didn't know that smart heals could get them while inside as well!  I used to do it for Sindragosa but my healbot hasn't been set up to show the targets with Ice Tomb on them so I have to manually do it (or rely on call outs so I can hot them up quick before the Tomb).  So Tzufit was using spells which smart heal (like Efflorescence) to heal them up.  So you can run to the tombs and Swiftmend, and the Efflorescence will heal the Tombed targets.  Great tip!  Will pass it on to my guildies.

I swear, this weekly highlights should be called highlights from Tree Heals Go Whoosh since Tzufit seems to feature every week :P

Cymre wrote about my favourite Rare, Lady-La-La, and talked about the cool special abilities she can do when you engage her in combat.  I never engaged her in combat (or if I did I just tried to kill her without looking at her abilities) and her abilities are really cool.  Check it out if you are a rare nut like me!

The Warchief had a hilarious post Awesome job, Mokvar.  You have to read it to know what I mean.


  1. LOL, thanks Navimie. No pressure, right? :P

  2. Hey thx for the mention.

    I didn't know that was your favourite rare. Just where would we be now if we didn't start our collection so many years ago... and then have to share it... and share it... and share it...

    So you know what we always say about visits... YOUR TURN! :P

  3. Thanks for the link, loyal minion Navimie...even if you're yet another reader apparently taking some kind of bizarre pleasure in my very...very...trying time the other day... *grumble*

  4. @Tzufit - oh no pressure at all :P

    @Cymre - I have to say our rare taking pic skills are much better than when we first started... well mine are, yours were always well composed :)

    @WarchiefGarrosh - You honour me with your visitation, Warchief. Your humble servant merely wishes to spread the... wisdom... *muffled chortle*... of your words to the rest of your minions.


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