Highlights of the Week from my Blogroll December 4, 2011

With patch this week, you can imagine that most of the topic of conversation had to do with the patch.

The Daily Blink had an amusing comic this week about Symbiosis.  Kinda like my silly thoughts on it but funnier.

Of course there were lots of comments from druid bloggers about our healing changes.  Beruthiel said in her post on Initial thoughts on the 4.3 Resto Changes:
As I went into our first progression raid last night, I found myself growing increasingly frustrated as I blew through my mana bar trying to keep up with our other healers.
^ this.  Though I still was happy with my healing, I just wasn't cruising easy like I was before.  Jasyla in her post about druids post nerf in Dragon Soul:
Has the world ended? Are we now unable to keep up with raid damage? Will we be left out of progression raids because we’re just not good enough anymore?
In a word, no. In two words, hell no. Those who were excellent druid healers in 4.2 will continue to be in 4.3.
I couldn't agree more.  Having healed for a long time amd through so many buffs and chamges to our class and spec, it isn't hard to adapt.  Those who would probably find it hardest are those who started healing on their druid in Firelands and relied heavily on Wild Growth.