Guildie Guests Fallnapart and Gutsy - Welcome wagon

Coming to a new guild can be a daunting process.  I managed to corner 2 of the new recruits last week, Fallnapart (Fury Warr) and Gutsy (Disc/Holy priest) to interrogate interview them so that we can all get to know them better.  So why these two?  Well, one is a healer so of course I have an interest in him, and the other was the one I have probably talked to the most out of the new recruits.  And besides, these two are RealID friends so I can interview them together anyway.  So I dragged Falln from his Molten front dailies and Gutsy off his druid alt on to his main (he was levelling his cooking since it's Pilgrim's Bounty.

Thanks guys, just a couple of questions so I won't take to much of your farming time.
G: I was levelling my cooking. 1 to 430 in just over an hour this morning

How long have you been playing WoW?
F - I have been playing since the start of BC
G - I started my first toon (rogue) just b4 WLK came out

All on this server?
F - This was my main till about 1/3 way into ICC. Started on Nagrand
G - was my main till about 1/3 way into ICC and yes [all on this server]. I went to Caeleatraz (?spelling) for some of FL
F - he missed me so he came back
G - lol

How long were you in Zodiac Guard for?
F - I was a little over a year I think
G - Umm I joined tham after I downed Nef. Did that when I was Alli and in Travesty
G - Was in Travesty for all of ICC where we were 11/12H 10 man well before the 30%, but I was boomy mainspec then

So why did you leave ZG?
F - Raid group was falling apart and going nowhere
G - I tried to get away from Falln but he followed me
F - LMAO AFK sec
G - nah as he said, Raid Leader GM has RL issues so has given up raiding. New RL is shit

Why didn't you guys take over RL?
G - I did leading back in ICC, not interested
F - I'm not the RL type
F - I don't have the time to look study the bosses and stuff
F - i work fulltime and have 2 kids
LMAO Falln, I work full time and have 2 kids :P
F - haha

Hard question now - why did you choose our little guild?
F - Guts said he was talking to you guys
G - I wanted a guild that had progreesion about the same or a little more than we were up to. I could have gone back to Alli and got in wipe or a few others but didn't want to join a 6/7 H guild as I wanted to earn my kills and not be carried
F - yea same ^
G - Also wanted a guild that Falln, Damara and myself could all join and still raid together in
F - I wouldnt' go to alli though
G - Just not sure of Damara is coming over now sigh
F - She wants cinders lol
G - Yeah sigh

Well come next week not sure what she's gonna do, or week after since everyone will be in Dragon Soul
F - there wll be LFR so she can try and get em that way

Do those things drop in LFR?
F - dunno you would think so

I know you can't do rogue legendary in LFR.
F - ah ok
G - When I went to Cal server for FL we downed Rag way back in July, was a great guild and players (they are now in a 7/7 H guild) but had a few real life things happening and decided I should be a bit more relaxed in WoW. So I came back here
G - she will still get all her stuff for staff but its just not going to be any time soon
G - I told her to look at getting it for wank factor for the mount part of it
F - That's all I would want it for
G - and that is she wants any sort of progression that she needs to chance guilds
G - as ZG will not get it now that Helt isn't raid leading anymore
G - *change guilds
F - lol I was going to type change
G - I am bad for typos
F - yea same

Was it a hard choice to leave? Since you had been there for ages?
G - not for me
F - it was for me yea
F - I really like the ppl over there that's why I have my alts there still

Would you go back if your old GM came back?
G - Well that's a hard one isn't it
F - He is still there, just not raiding

LOL it's not a trick question :) it doesn't hurt your raid status here
F - I'm not sure really
G - When I left Travesty and came to horde I thought I would never like it and end up going back. But I am happy as horde and have some great new friends here (eg F)
F - change can sometimes be a good thing and downing H Rhyo on my first raid with you guys well it looks like the change was good

Our guild is going through a change we never were a heroic guild we always did stuff together
F - heroic is good
And carried our weaker players through but this year has been harder and some of the stronger players wanted to do 10 heroics but with same lockouts you cant' do that kinda stuff with 25 and 10
F - yep
So the hard choice of special fixed groups is new for us
G - Fair enough
G - Well maybe if the 2 main groups do really well we can join together plus a few extras and do 25s
Prolly what will happen is we do one day of LFR as a 25 so we can all hang out together and the rest of the week we do 10s in our little groups so the socials can get their raid in
F - that sonds good
With the comfort of a guild and the rest of us can get our normal raid stuff in after. Gosh I've gone off topic.

What do you guys think of MOP? And will you stay and play?
F - MOP? I'm bad at that stuff
Mists of Pandaria, 5.0
F - oh lol I C
G - I have no life
F - yeah I will be here
F - LOL guts

F - I'm keen to see what it's like but I do think they could have done better than panda bears
F - But i'm looking forward to it yeah brb
G - Sounds shit to be honest, but I also didn't like the idea of Cata and having to level and go back to greens etc. But now I have a few geared toons etc again its ok
F - I gotta change a poo bum back in a few
P - Falln still isn't toilet trained yet
G - so I know once it comes out and I get over the whole levelling and regearing thing again it will still be fun
G - I just hate levelling witha pssion

LOL I doubt you hate it more than I do since I cannot bring myself to level more than one toon. This is my only toon.
G - LOL I get bored on the same toon all the time
G - plus I love BGS and know each class (by playing them) helps
F - back, I got 5 85s lol
G - and can't play any of them
F - pfft

OK Social questions now.  Fave mount? and pet?
G - mmmm
F - Time Lost Proto-Drake, Kirin tor Familiar
F - I think that's my fav pet anyway

o.O you have a TLPD
F - I have 2

You what!!
F - one on my hunter too
F - yeah I know
F - guts has it on his mage

We only have one in the guild now there are 2
F - I was also 1st on server to get poseidus mount, but I sold it

How do you know u were first?
F - it was 1st spawn after the patch it came with
F - I sold it to Shmiles when he was on the server
F - he was afk when I killed it he was in the spawn spot too lol
F - I waited for a few mins for him to kill it but he didn't he was asleep he said
G - love the ashes I have on my alli rogue but I never play it atm, I loved my winterspring frostsaber I had/have on my druid but it changed when I came to horde, made me cry
G - pet umm Panther cub on this toon and the winterspring cub on my druid because I haven't gone to get it yet on this toon lol. speaking of which might go get it now hahaha
F - lol I'll sell you one if u want, 300g
G - f$#% off
F - :P
G - I'll fly and go get one
F - ok

So do your partners play wow?
F - no she hates it lol
G - partner lol I got rid of the bitch
F - she got rid of him he means to say

G - Have no interest in a new parter atm
F - I do lol
G - LOL u can have my old one
G - Oh and something you might like need to know about Falln
F - here we go
G - Falln has a bad habit of making me leap of faith people into the lava off the bridge in FL
F - LOL that's BS
G - It's true, honest
F - Sure
G - I'm a priest I wouldn't tell fibs
G - Into. Stand right on the edge of bridge as they run towards it I grip them, it lags most people out for about 1-2 secs and they don't stop running in time and run staright off the edge. It's funny shit, Falln does it all the time
F - I do not
G - Do so
F - He said he was planning on gripping the gm the other night
G - U dared me
F - Lol

Our GM? Fue?
G - I said ok just not tonight.
G - Yeah, Falln is evil I tell ya

Thanks guys and welcome to Frostwolves hope u guys can stay a while so we can have 2 groups downing heroic stuff
F - Yea I don't like changing guild all the time so I'll be here for ages