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This week I interviewed Nokturn, who rejoined us recently by transferring 2 of his toons to Dath'Remar from Khadgar.  Since he's been here he has had a lousy work schedule and been unable to raid regularly, but is somehow able to play at work, so spends lots of time levelling alts (0-85 in 2 days) and farming so he now has one of each class as an 85.

So when did you start playing WoW?
February 2005

Playing a...?
Ashestoashes a warlock - yeah, got to level 12.

Then what happened?
I made a rogue, called Dustodust, which got to level 12 as well.  Then after realising that I was dying too early I made a warrior called Nokturn and didn't realise I could quest so I levelled to about 40 without doing quests, just grinding.

Yeah, it took me a couple of months to get to 60 and I made my first friend in about April-May when I met a level 60 warrior called Atain. (for those who don't know, Atain is McTacky's warrior)

On Khadgar?
Yep, Khadgar.

So where did you end up after that?
So Atain was my first in game friend and he invited me to the guild he was in Legion of Olympus, and I stayed there and met all the old school names: Aoitora, Gildawg, Chrondawg, Viles, and eventually that guild merged with a guild named Animosity, but due to me being Australian, raid times were bad.  So I started hanging around with a druid, warrior and hunter called Navimie, Hyades and Tallys (Cymre), eventually joining them, but with my schedule changing I ended up  being back in Animosity, then they transferred Servers!  How rude!!

Eventually I started up my own raiding guild which ended up doing pretty well for itself in Wrath.

I recall that it was a CHICK not work schedule that altered your WoW habits!
Actually you're right, I'd completely wiped that memory out to be honest.  A girl who played a rogue called Buhlixx.  Wow I had really blacked that out completely haha.

So tell me about the guild you made.
Trashed and Scattered, I ended up cracking the sads at someone during Wrath and leaving Animosity finally.  It was already going downhill but I wasn't happy there, so I made a few Aussie friends and we started up a 10 man guild.  Ended up being a lot more Aussies on the server than I thought and we ended up having well and truly enough to run 25s.  Cleared pretty much everything in Wrath apart from Heroic Sindra and LK.  Then when Cata was announced, we stopped raiding, we were kinda burnt out.
Then Cata came and I started raiding with a guild called Orgrimmar Outcasts but wasn't really raiding.  So I was casual and pretty much playing part time, and ten I started thinking about playing properly again so I decided to come see my friends over here :)

But your work schedule is the shit!  You came over to raid but have hardly raided :(
Pretty much.  I transferred server when I was working a normal 9-5 job and then since then I've had 2 promotions but they make my work schedule absolutely terrible, so my real life is fantastic.

Everyone has noticed you have a heap of toons, want to tell everyone why?
Honestly I love levelling, I enjoy playing all classes and enjoy being good at all classes, so by levelling up a lot of characters and putting all that effort into each toon, and the research I put into each class to make each one I'm playing the best it can be.  If you look at an of at my characters, you'll find that they have the best gear you can possibly have at the level they're at, and with full proper gems no matter what the cost, with all the proper reforging.  I think I'm kinda OCD about wanting to be the best at whatever I play.

So what do you think about MOP?  Are you going to play?
I'm kinda excited about learning a new class, and about the levelling experience, but honestly it depends on how SWTOR feels.  If SWTOR can offer everything WoW does but a  new experience based around Star Wars, I honestly think that I may jump ship for a bit, but I've been stockpiling for a while getting ready for the next gold sink in MoP.  So I'd definitely play unless something goes extremely wrong in the next 12 months.

Which is your favourite toon to play at the moment?
Honestly, I have 3 favourites right now, and they're all completely different playstyles.  Bloodynok, the unholy DK, Tahleah the Disc Priest, and Omggoaway the fire Mage.

Do you have a favourite mount or pet?
Most definitely, I have a blue protodrake on my rogue on Khadgar, and it's the best looking mount I have and my favourite style as well.  Pet, I love my Lil KT and Perky Pug.

What do  you do when you're not playing WoW or working?
Pretty much at the moment I can't make any plans outside work, as I am often on call.  Pretty much the majority of my time is spent at work, sleeping or trying to be somewhat sociable with the friends I still have time for, after I lost quite a few of the friends I had at work due to being an authority figure, but I've managed to maintain friendships from outside work.  I don't drink anymore and I've quit smoking.  Lately I've been looking into real estate trying to figure out exactly where I'd be looking at buying a house.

So say your partner doesn't play WoW.  Would you make her play WoW, or would you stop playing for them?
As much as I have my geeky side, I keep it pretty well hidden.  The only time a partner of mine has found out I play WoW is when I've lived with them.  If they had a geek side as well and played WoW that would be fantastic.  Normally I just manage my time so that I spend enough time with them but still have time to get my geek on.  I've quit WoW for one person, and it didn't work out, in the end I wasn't happy I had to give up one of my favourite hobbies just because they didn't like computers.

So say your partner does play WoW and they're in an uber leet server first guild, would you leave and join them?
Nope.  I've done the hardcore raiding thing before and it's not my style  I have to much time invested in real life now and to have to make 99% of raids wouldn't be viable for me.  That's not to say that I wouldn't make her take my alts to her raid though >.>  I couldn't see myself ever leaving Frostwolves now. I get to raid when I can, I love the people and everyone is accepting of my schedule.

Now the opposite, she plays WoW but she is terrible at it.  What do you do about that?
Well, seeing as my job is leading and developing over 250 people in real life to try and maek them better at thwat they do, I would coach and develop her in the standard way I use at work.  I use a lot of one aspect focus stuff, which means you concentrate on one aspect at a time and slowly they all form together for a larger joint improvement.  Most of the time they aren't even aware they're being coached so I wouldn't be in the dog house for it either.

If you had to give piece of advice to a new WoW player, what would it?  - read it, learn it, love it.  And after you've read it, move onto  Actually to be honest, to a new WoW player I'd say get out while you still can :P

About Frostwolves, what is the best and worst thing about it?
Best thing about Frostwolves is and always will be the people, it's the best guild "community" I've been involved with.  The worst part is that I don't really feel like I've been adding much to it apart from having people on the roster and I kinda wish I could do more.

Awesome Nok, thanks for the great interview!


  1. O.o Atain is Tacky? he doesn't remember me anyway I don't think...

  2. Oh and to be fair, I was still on the server until Apr '10 /psh you stopped playing for a while... and could never tell which alt you were on...before RealID

    I do recall helping your lock with a few quests about 1.5yrs ago :P

  3. Yeah I rememember you Tallys! (sorry for late reply).


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