Guildie Guest Lacrox - Under the Spotlight

Lacrox begged volunteered to be interviewed, and since I had a guildie guest spot free, I decided to put some hard questions on him.  Lacrox is our frequently absent Tauren paladin, prior to that a female blood elf paladin, and before that a male blood elf paladin.  He has been immortalised in all those forms in various videos I've made, so he can't hide his sordid past.

So where have you been you lazy bastard?
I have been working on a Tropfest film, I played Star wars - Knights of the old republic, I'm on 2 different podcasts now and I'm working and Firelands bores the shit out of me.

I mean we know why you came back - there's a dragon here to kill, am I right?
The King of the Dragons, the Big bad, Il' Metal face Once I kill him that's pretty much it for Dragons, unless they let us kill the aspects.

But the aspects are so HOT...
Alexstraza looks like a high-class 80s hooker.
A hot High class 80s hooker. Even Ysera is hot.
They turn into Dragons, can you imagine waking up next to that?
well.. it would be hot...
Ba Dom Tish

What did you think of the raid this patch so far? Easy hard? What you expected?
I like the raid itself, but it's way too easy. People are downing shit left and right. Lich King took us months to do. It felt like an accomplishment when we killed him. We'll be farming Deathwing, the demon power Aspect of Death, in a few weeks.

You've had so many comes and goings, do you remember when you first started playign WoW?
My hideous secret...  I played 1 month after the game came out in Australia. My first toon was a troll warrior and I deleted him at level 20, because I couldnt' figure out how to swtich out of defensive stance. Then I played a night elf priest for about a year and a half.

Where were you then?
In real life, I had just moved to Sydney from Queensland.
Was that during your rough time?
But in game, where were you? And were you raiding?
On my night elf, deep in the bowels of Molten core. We raided 5 nights a week. I was designated rezzer for a month.

Which server?
Oh, didn't realise :)
Aye, the old home server.

So why did you come over to Frostwolves?
I had gotten into the Burning Crusade Beta and I played a Blood Elf Paladin to level 20 and fell in love with the playstyle. Once BC came out I instantly rolled a BE but realised I was stranded deep in Horde Territory.
Then I saw Fueghan doing a "Aussie guild looking for people" ad in Trade chat.
The rest is fantastic and colourful history.

Do you have a favourite guild moment?
The staggering number of times everyone would die in a Karazhan Boss fight and I'd be the last one standing, going one-on-one with a boss while everyone in Vent was cheering me on.
Also the whole dragon Punching event.
(Balinar: and were successful /nod)
Aye, we were so overpowered then.

You did that in ICC too if you recall... I have it FRAPSed.
Aye, one of the few times it happened in Wrath. Best part of that was that I was wearing my Ret gear and had forgotten to switch out of Prot Spec.

So what do you like about being here in this guild?
Friends I've made in game who have turned into real life friends (that I don't see often enough)

And I almost hate to ask what you like least?
About Frostwolves? I have a strong... dislike for some of its members. I also hate that we seem to be sometimes Hardcore and sometimes Casual. In the guild's defence, I really dont' make much of an effort to know the newer people. I'm old and lazy. Get off my lawn.

What do you like best about the game?
Doing new instances and 10 man raids with friends. I did really like the story for awhile too, but it feels like we've reached the end of a chapter with 4.3.

What's your favourite mount? And Pet?
the mechanohog, because it's badass and took me a year and a half to make
Speedy the turtle, he's been my mascot since my priest days

What do you thin of 5.0 and are you going to play?
That's the big question for me. I think the Pandarian is a dumb idea, but Monks are cool. I also don't understand what the motivation is? vanilla had Rags, BC had Illidan, Wrath had Arthas and Cata has Deathwing.  Who is the badguy for the next one? We brought peace to the land, is it time to retire? Plus, Old republic is a hell of a lot of fun.
So I got no idea, I'm 50/50. My goal was to kill the Lich King and then Deathwing, once I've done that do I need to keep going?

Well, you never know, now the aspects are mortal it might be time to kill them next patch.
Nah, they will suffer the same sad fate as Saurfang, they will be pushed to the side and forgotten.
Next boss will be Garrosh and I don't want to kill him, he's cool.
A big factor is going to be whether you guys will come with me.


Bleh, I don't think [Garrosh] is cool. He killed Baine.
He didn't mean to kil Baine.
Blaming those Grimtotems?
His weapon was poisoned without him knowing it.
Yep you're blaming the Grimtotems.
You know what he did when he found out? He killed all the goddamn Grimtotems.
Not enough of them. I think there are a few around.
He's got dragons to deal with, the Grimtotems are on borrowed time.

Off topic now. What podcasts do you do?
I do the Fwooshcast for Fwooshcast is a Toy Collector's Podcast, I was recently brought on board as the 4th host because of my recent Transformers obsession and to basically act as the voice for people that don't collect a lot of stuff. Also because I like My Little Pony: Friendship is magic.
I also do my own Podcast, Let's get ready to POD. Partly inspired by the vent chats I have with the Frostwolves ie shooting the shit while waiting for a raid to get started.

So if your partner didn't play WoW, would you stop playing or would you make her play?
Nah, I dont' believe in making people do stuff they don't want to do. "Freedom is the Right of all Sentient beings".  I would show her what the game is about and see if she's interested, if not then she's free to do as she pleases. I wouldn't abandon the game for her though, I have friends here who I would miss (and hopefully be missed by) - also Bros before Ho's.
So the converse, she's mad about WoW and raiding. Would you leave to raid with her in her guild?
Damn you for making me choose Navi!
Hey it's an interview! I ask the hard questions :P
To be honest, I WOULD leave at the moment, I've sort of been pushed to the side in Frostwolves (my own fault, I stopped showing up) so it would be a chance to gear up and start raiding again. I would still do alt runs and instances with you guys though. Ooh yeah, cop out answer.
Yeah... the torture.. thanks.. that last run is still burned in my memory.
Hey that was awesome fun. And you can't blame that tank, he had to "piss real bad"
It was only fun coz you guys were there
Exactly, that's why I still raid and do instances, story wise I dont' give a crap after the first kill. But knowing I've got fun people to hang out with makes it a good expereince that I want to keep doing.

Think you'll ever go back to healing? You were good at it back in BC :P
I've thought about it, the main problem would be relearning how to do it, I haven't healed since BC. Finding people that are willing to let me fail over and over again at their expense could be difficult. Plus I really ilke stabbing stuff.
That's what friends are for though. Hence why I even attempted to kitty. I'm sure our friends would put up with it :)
I thought we were low on tanks, not healers.
Well we're low on paladins atm.
Probably because I"m not class leader anymore, anybody else seems like a downgrade.
Hmph. So if you could change one thing in the game what would that be.
More frequent content releases - 3 major content packs in a year isn't enough for a game with this many people. Hell one of those was a rehash of old content. Why they don't have multiple teams working on different patches at the same time is beyond me.

Hey your story was really popular. You obviously like writing.
I've always been big into English, comedy and drama.
Got any more up your sleeve?
I used to write plays for school, I've written a handful of internet shows, done some stand up comedy and I used to write for INO (a reporters guild) back when I played EVE.  Well, if i ever get my webseries off the ground I'll be writing more episodes for that and I've got a 5 word review show planned (trust me, coming up wtih 5 words to review stuff is harder than you think)
And of course I plan for writing more stuff for Frostwolves Daily (if i ever get off my lazy ass)

Do you think you would have gotten into WoW if the accident hadn't happened?
No, I never would have, my life was a lot faster and I shared almost all my time with someone else. WoW came in when I was in a very transitional phase, I suddenly had massive amounts of free time and no one to share it with.  That's not to say Lyn wouldn't have liked it, but i don't think I would have tried it in the first place.

I was reading a blog today, it was talking about WoW addiction, more as an escape from the pain of a real life tragedy. Do you think you did that?
I can see how that would happen to some people, me personally no. Wow sort of forced me to talk to people when technically I could have just sat in my house and not done anything. Personally it did more good for me than bad.

Do you have any advice for a new paladin? Like a protip?
Don't be a dick, you're playing a tripel spec class and the game needs healers and tanks. if you want to dps, fine make it your alt spec, hae the other one be heals or tanking and be willing to do one or the other.

Thanks Lac :) Glad you could help me fill my guildie guest spot!
I had nothing better to do.

... you bastard :P