Guildie guest Fueghan - The story of our fearless Leader

Our fearless guild leader, Fueghan, was finally cornered by me and asked some hard questions so we can all get to know Captain Fuefue just that little bit better.  Fue has been a Paladin main since BC, his old main was Nighthaunter, an orc Hunter.  He has led our guild since BC.

What do you think of DS so far?
Seems a little on easy side compared to FL but it's fun.

Our guild has taken a new direction - how do you feel about that?
Hmm a bit mixed. Not so keen about sitting out the lower end people, but on the other hand I'm happy to be able to move forward and not be constantly held back by people who are 30% behind us. Despite them being behind dont' want to kick out ppl who have been with us for up to 6 years, but it's really up to them to lift their game at this point, we can't keep carrying them.

What would you say is the hardest thign about being GL?
Keeping everyone happy.

Why is that hard?
Person x doesn't want be y, somoene wantso tfocus on this or that, and 3 ppl want to be together but they dont' balance and it doesn't work. Most of the time it's not that much work at all.

And what's the best thing?
The guild bank *snicker*. Um, I always found it very rewarding, I like organising things.

When did you become GL?
Do you expect me to remember that? Oh well um, it started creeping in around ZG when Tout and I were both running stuff, and it seemed to creep more and more until he did less and i did more and then hk and i were doing it and then after that... I was doing it. We were all running the show together anyway, and I didn't really see it as a big distinction because we were doing that stuff anyway.
I thought HK had it first.

No he didn't.
Yes he did, I'm pretty sure he did.

I think it was around TK time. Yeah I think so.

When did you start playing WOW?
I remember because it was the day before I went for a warhammer tournament in another city and decided to crack it open and waste some subscription time because I wouldn't be able to play for a few days. It was my first online game, I remember running around being a complete noob, running up Southfury river and finding skull level spiders and thinking woah I found something special!

And where did you start off?
Nighthaunter was my very first character, levelled alongside Dagman (Nabe).

On Khadgar?

What do you like best about the game?
I'd say the people more than anything. I think if I wasn't in Frostwolves I wouldn't be playing.

What do you like least about it?
Probably the lack of interesting single player content for some of us who have been playing as long as I have, who become disinterested in the subraiding stuff.

If you could change one thing about your character what would you change?
Don't know, let me think on that one.

Fave mount?
Cenarion Hippogryph

Fave pet?
Don't really use pets. If I had to pick a favourite, the Wolpertinger.

What do you think of MOP and will you be playing?
I'll be playing, but I'm gonna reserve my judgement until the beta, not so keen on some of the changes to the game and pallies in general, but there's some other stuff that looks pretty good. Wait and see how a few things will be since we dont' know about them yet. Dungeon challenges will probably revitalise dungeons for raiders, I think.

Will you be fighting pokemon battles?

If your partner didn't play wow, would you still play or would you make them play?
I wouldn't MAKE them play, I'd probably still would myself. I'd try to get them into it but I wouldn't push it too far if they didnt' seem interested. Certainly would be better to have someone alongside you playing like that.

Your partner is shit at wow. What are you going to do.
That's nasty, Navi. That's a tough question. There's not much you can do, you can't hide them in a ten man, like, hey guys just let it happen, if they're not a good player, then do casual stuff with them.

OK, your partner is the opposite now, is awesome and in a top level raiding guild, would you leave and join their guild?
Probably not, I'd just be jealous.

I forgot my next question.
You were gonna ask Why are you so awesome?

Why did you mainswitch from hunter to pally?
Back in Kara, we needed a healer.

You didn't heal!
Yes I did, thank you very much. I started in Kara I think to tank and heal and then by TK.

I healed like a beast back in TK and ICC

I was every spec as mainspec sometime in ICC.  I think.

Were not.
Was too.

Paladins were stupid back in ICC.  Just beacon and Holy light woo woo look at all the numbers. 2 button healing, 3 when you're moving.

What do you do on your non wow days?
Play other games mostly, Fallout New Vegas, also miniature war gaming like Warhammer and stuff. I make the terrain and stuff more than I play with the action figures, and I play Magic the Gathering on Friday nights too, that's why you don't see me doing alt runs anymore.

Don't you have an Ebay shop too?
But that's not something I do at night really. Incidentally I also sell terrain and cards on that.

If you could change smething about this guild what would you change?
I dunno, um... I'm scatching my beard while I think. I don't think I would change anything. The only thing I'd like to see change is the people who are going to be dropped from raids - well not dropped, the lower end people could dps more and we could do 3 10s consistently... well nothing really.  I suppose what I would like to see change is to have a more even skill level of all the players we have.

People say they like listening to you coz you're always really calm, do you think you are always as calm as you sound?
Yes. Umm... I just don't get mad, I guess. I tend to be pretty easy going person most of the time, not that I don't care about stuff, but it takes a lot to get under your skin.

What does get under your skin?
Rude people. More mean than rude I guess.

Well, at least I can talk to you and tell you what I think.
It wasn't always that way.

What do you mean?
Don't you remember?  You used to be scared of me, you thought I was scary.  I thought that was so weird when Nabe told me, I laughed, I didn't think he was serious.

Oh that's right!  That was in the days before Vent, you never talked to me when I talked to you much, so I thought you didn't like me, you gave me one word answers.

I was probably busy doing stuff.

Well, I think that's it for now :)  Thanks Fue.