Fangs of the Father quest chain Part 1

The Legendary Rogue weapon, much talked about and eagerly anticipated by the rogues, has a great storyline behind it as well.  Roshii, our "legendary" rogue is on the quest chain and has told some of what the quest chain involves.

Proving Your Worth (Step 1) involves pick pocketing a decoder ring from Hagara the Stormbinder.  That was easy enough.  He did that last week.

A Hidden Message (Step 2) involves 10k gold and waiting around for 12 hours for the decoder ring to charge.  Roshii was sitting around for ages waiting... I didn't realise exactly WHAT he was waiting for.  He decoded a message from a singed piece of paper:
[Much of the coded message was destroyed by fire]
...his calling...
...the will of Grand Master Fahrad that we act by dawn tomorrow. The one who calls is restless ... renewed urgency ....
...mustn't forgo the element of surprise ... an eventuality, you must divert attention away from the objec....
...but with all luck attributed to the Twilight's Hammer....

...fter the operation is done, both groups will reconvene back at Ravenholdt Manor. May you be fleet of foot and quiet of blade.

Burn this.

To Ravenholdt (Step 3) - Roshii went to Vermillion Redoubt in Twilight Highlands and then flew with Mostrasz to Ravenholdt.

Here are some of the things Mostrasz says:
Corastrasza is understandably upset. Under her care was the one black dragon egg that we believe was free of the taint of Deathwing's corruption... and it was stolen away from us by thieves in the night!  You've found for us our only lead. The rogues from Ravenholdt are behind this.  It just doesn't make sense! A mongrel band of petty thieves. How did they even KNOW about the egg?
If they have the egg, it's too dangerous to risk an all-out assault. You'll need to sneak in there, find out what they're up to... And retrieve the egg at any cost.
To Catch a Thief (Step 4) - Roshii infiltrates Ravenholdt Manor to find the egg.

So he gets in, but it's no longer an egg!  The egg has hatched, and Wrathion speaks to Roshii:
That's right, mortal. The prize you seek no longer sleeps within a shell. Here I am: in the flesh. I'm not some trophy for a red dragon's mantle-piece, and I'm never going back.

Wrathion says to Roshii: Somehow you managed to elude all of my guards.  You slipped in here like a ghost.  That makes you ... valuable to me. Let's talk.
The guards capture Mostrasz outside and bring him to Wrathion.  Mostrasz doesn't recognise Wrathion at first, but is awed to find the egg has hatched.  Wrathion spares Mostrasz an execution, and tells him to deliver a message to the Red Dragonflight:

Wrathion tells his followers to break Mostrasz's legs... poor Mostrasz.  As they are marching Mostrasz away you hear him screaming.  Then Wrathion asks Roshii to find a black dragonflight disguised as a human hiding in Gilneas and kill him, as a number of Black Dragonflight are in hiding and they are a threat to him. (Our Man in Gilneas - Step 5)

So off to Assassinate Creed (Step 6), where Roshii says you can do as a group but he solo'd it.  A group of rogues on the same part of the quest can do it together.  He said it was tricky, there is a big red circle around you once you cross the bridge into Gilneas, and if any guard steps into the red ring you get netted and then swarmed by guards, then the dragon teleports you back to the beginning again.  Roshii says he got caught about 30 times, he said there are so many routes to try and he chose one that finally worked for him.

He didn't want to do it in a group, he said he wanted to do it solo, and besides, there was nobody else around when he was doing the quest, except a night elf rogue who was trying to sneak in still.  So Creed... Roshii says it was a REALLY hard fight, he couldn't do it as Assassination, he had to go do it as a modified Combat spec.  Creed had a lot of dragon abilities, with shadow patches on the ground, and shadowbolts and hit like a truck.  So he had to dodge him, kite him, feint every time it was up and tried to cloak everytime he shadowbolted, and stunned him as often as he could.  Gouge was good, he said.  He said he tried it 6 times as assassination, but once he respecced he did it in 3 or 4 goes as Combat.  He also used recuperate a lot as well.  He was happy to get it down, and Roshii said he loved doing the quest chain, it was the most fun he'd had questing.  The Deed is Done (Step 7).  He now has Fear and Vengeance, and he's so excited.

Now Roshii has to collect 333 gems from Dragon Soul bosses for Cluster Clutch (Step 8).  Sounds like that would take a while.  Especially on 10 man.


  1. Thank you! That was great. I can't help being nosy about what those rogues are up to and now thanks to you I get to know.

  2. Nice job there Roshii. GL with the rest...


  3. With the amount of raids required and difficulty of the quest, it should be legendary not epic.

    The hunter epic required a 50% drop in only 1 raid.

    The staffs in bc cata etc required many raids but they are legendary...

    Good luck Roshii



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