Another Frostwolves Christmas Carol - 2011 Raider Edition

Since I still had the rhyming bug, I thought I would write one for our raiders of late 2011 (ie the Dragon Soul raiders).  Sing along to "Silent Night".

Raiding night, wiping fight
Fue is calm, mana's tight
Moo's complaining he's missing a buff
Lushnek says DPS ain't enough
Roshii's happy he's first
Sevros just wants some more burst.

Raiding night, in mid fight
Shaba's dead, no rez in sight
Bull alt tabbed again, that's why he died
Bish DCed, that's why Navi cried
Bladewind's in the wrong spec
Hwired /facepalms, what the heck....

Raiding night, holy shite
Aza pulled. He's dead it's alright
Souglyy's pet died in AOE
Belinia forgot he was specced holy
Voe's so loud my ears hurt
Which mage just died? Oh it's Gert.

Raiding Night, about to start fight
How did faith, die mid flight?
Ayelena is lagging again
Target's surprised coz his latency's 10
Caedis stepped in that trap
Flexie don't stand there... Oh crap.

Raiding night, downed the fight
Gley is glad, Beauti's alright
Ksret's bummed that he missed out on raid
Lac's just glad it was this one he made
Lucky, Nok could be here
Gelina walked out with new gear

Raiding night, new boss in sight
New recruits, are they alright?
Entranosh tanks pretty good for DK
Fallnapart and Augment are melee
Bloodzta heals, gutsy drinks.... Heaps
Damara talks more than she deeps.


  1. Love it, now you just need to release a youtube version with you and your guildmates singing.

  2. @Faith @Hk @Roshii - lol thanks but you guys were the inspiration!
    @Erinys - omg I don't know if that's going to happen unless everyone was blind drunk!

  3. just video a fight
    and have ppl singing on vent
    drunk is optional



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