13 Days of WoW/SWTOR

Linked in the forums by Targetme, was just too good to let slide.  Have to put a link here on my blog so I can watch it anytime :)


Or you can look at the youtube video:

Admittedly he's hard to understand... must be because of the missing jaw on his undead rogue...

From the number of positive comments, I think everyone thinks the same as me :)


  1. Rofflemeow....

    I think that made my decision of what not to play

  2. That made my day.
    Enjoying SWTOR and I am still playing WoW. The benefits of the current model of the MMO is they are more accessible so unlike before where I had to spend hours in the game to do anything just to be able to raid. Now I can log in for a few hours accomplish my goals and still have enough time for another MMO.

  3. @Faithy - LOL.. maybe don't play an undead rogue coz I can hardly understand what he's saying? :P

    @WWadell - Kirina is that you?

  4. @Jamin - Glad you enjoyed it :)

  5. I haven’t given up on games. I’m still constructing Sims 3 houses, and I’m enjoying the Pets expansion,swtor credits
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