Why I am looking forward to Pilgrim's bounty

Pilgrim's bounty is upon as again.  I remember the first Pilgrim's bounty (the event obviously related to the real life Thanksgiving - an American holiday) where everyone was cooking frantically to get their achievements and buy the outfits.

I wasn't so into dressing up my character back then, I kept a few little things, but bank space was at a premium, and I ended up getting rid of my Pilgrim's Dress.  But I am looking forward to getting it again this year because it really is one of the best items to wear for a cooking costume.

Dresses always look fantastic on those slender Elves and humans, so I thought I'd show a stockier figure here (pic is from Wowhead).  An apron!  Perfect for my cooking costume.  Goes perfectly with my Chef's hat, Cookie's tenderizer and Spider Splatter mace.

The other great thing about Pilgrim's bounty is that you can level your cooking on your low level toon to max by doing the dailies.  Sure saves buying the meat or farming it and levelling it that way.

Oh and of course, the Blog Azeroth 2011 Thanksgiving event!  Stay tuned for my post :)