Wednesday raiding - two 10 mans 1x heroic 1x normal

We have done heroic for a few weeks now and I had not gotten a single heroic loot.  What a bummer!  So tonight it was exciting when our tier legs dropped instead of the Protector ones, but Lushnek was here and got those.  Damn!  But grats to him :)

Took us a few goes to get Shannox but we one shot Rhyolith.  Weird.  Though this time we had a shadow priest breaking face rage instead of a mage and it took some tweaking.

But I was excited because I got my first piece of heroic gear!  Roshii didn't want Hood of Rampant Disdain so now I have it.  Woot, heroic gear for my crappy offspec :)  Voe got heroic boots.

Random mass d/c during the raid knocked off about 75% of people online.  That was weird.  And then another d/c knocked me off.  Right in the middle of prime raid time.  How shitty.  We ended up having to call the raid while trying to do Heroic Alysrazor and we couldn't even get any decent attempts in.

So we called raid early.  Hopefully it will all be fixed tomorrow.