Wednesday raiding - guild drama

Eventful day yesterday...

I got on late, had kids going to bed issues, and we were running 2 10 mans.  I was in the group with Fue/Belinia, Me/Yuda/Targetme, Lushnek/Sevros/Roshii/Caedis/Souggly.  The other group had Hwired/Manbull, Beauti/Ea/Biship, Azadelta/Moopie/Shabadu/Ampharos and one other person (?Gobbii)

Officer channel started to get busy.  Complaints about Ea were pouring in, about how he was getting annoying, he doesn't shut up.  And then Beauti logged off, and Azadelta said Enna's left the raid.  And she went offline.  Not even a minute after that, Ea left the guild.

So what was going on?

Apparently, Ea started mouthing off as soon as he got in Vent.  He was complaining that the reason we don't progress further is because we don't talk in Vent.  And he didn't stop talking, the whole time.  While he was talking, he was not healing.  And Beauti (Enna) got upset, said she wasn't having any fun and logged off.  How can you possibly upset Beauti, one of the sweetest tempered, gentle people in the guild??

Fue wondered if Ea had some personal issues on.  It wouldn't be the first time where someone had personal issues going on and took it out in the game and gquit (Thraso, Chihako, Orcation) and Fue is always the first to be the big soft about that kind of thing.  However, I suspect that this sort of thing was inevitable.  Ever since he arrived, Ea has been loud and outrageous on Vent.  When he came to us he had no gear and seemed to think he was very good.  He was alright.  He wasn't the most brilliant paladin, but he wasn't our worst.  And then I did that Rag with him where he got hit by almost every hammer... ugh.  So I knew his raid awareness was not the best.

And every raid we have been in, I have had to speak to him in Vent or in heal channel or in whispers to tone down.  Almost like the parent/teacher type figure.  I sometimes feel like I have to do that a lot, but mostly with my healers.  I don't do that with tanks or dps.  Voe is another example.  But I digress.  So, I am wondering if the lack of a clear authoritative figure set him off.  Fue, Belinia, Lushnek and I were in the other raid.  Ampharos and Moopie are officers but they tend to be either quiet or explosive, but not that constant authority figure presence.    Lushnek probably is also very quiet, btu is clearly in charge when he runs a raid.  And without the boundaries to keep him contained, like chaos, Ea erupted like a volcano and running off his mouth.

The bad thing is, that the other raid group was unable to do anything, after losing 2 healers.  So that killed their raid night.  And for us, well the unpleasant feeling you get when things have turned slightly nasty left a dark stain over my raid night, as the whole episode played on my thoughts.  We only killed Shannox and had quite a few attempts at Rhyo but we had some new people so getting it right was hard.  And of course, Roshii was getting upset at driving Rhyo and Lushnek had to take over.  But hopefully tonight will be better, now that the air is cleared, and that nasty episode will be behind us.

However, whenever Beauti and Ampharos stop having fun at raids, they stop raiding.  Which means we have to find 2 replacements for that raid.  I think we have enough people to backfill but that means we will have to stick to normals for that group.  Which is totally fine by me.  Caedis said that Arstor would like to come back to raiding.  I hope that's true, as Fue was thinking of recruiting more healers.  I don't think that is necessary.  If people are saying to 2 heal firelands, even on heroic, then I will be up to the challenge.  We have enough healers already.  Even if Beauti doesn't raid, I still have Yuda, Shnaptim, Voe, Targetme, myself, and Biship.  With Arstor coming back, we can do normals.  And of course, if we get another tank, then I can have Belinia back again as a healer.  And I have 2 offspec healers in the dps wings.

Anyway, see how the mood is tonight.  Hope there's better mojo.