Thursday raiding - Heroic Alysrazor down

Well that was exciting!  We had our first proper goes at Alys last night, and it was a lot easier than we expected.  The meteors crashing over us when we're lagging or d/cing was totally not an attempt, we've decided - the real attempt was last night.

So at first we had to tweak it out a little bit, with a couple of hiccups, like:
  • "Oh, oops you have to stand in the MIDDLE to be able to hit the meteor"
  • "Shit those cyclones actually hurt again"
  • "Oh, oops, yeah this is heroic, I should be using my CDs again (healing and tanking)"
  • "We should be 2 healing this."  Then healer dies to fire/cyclone/noobishness. Does that count as 2 healing?
So it took us just over an hour to get it sorted and Vanquisher chest dropped!  Lush would have gotten it on DKP, and then Hwired, but those dear SWEET boys gave it to me since I didn't have any heroic anything!  So I was totally blown away and I care nothing for loot now that I have my single heroic item.  Woot!  Roshii is still sulking he will never get tier with us around, but this coming from the person with 2 heroic mainhands and a heroic cloak...  

So the only difference was the meteor thing in heroic.  The rest of it was the same - much like what it was before the Nerf.  The birds had less health though and died fast at first but then the times became shorter and then we had to try harder to kill the birds.  At least now I have an excuse to use my thorns on the tank again.  Oh and I had to use cooldowns to top us up after Alys gets all charged up - totally forgot about that the first time.

The trinket dropped (Eye of Blazing Power) and Voe really wanted it so I let him have it and he was thrilled to bits.  Voe got an offspec mail helmet as well.  Poor Az, Voe paraded his offspec heroic helm and mainspec tier helm while Az is still wearing his T11 hat.  (On a side note, Sev was in the other group and got his Tier helm from Rag last night).

We probably had more trouble with Rhyolith - I think Hwired is really good in that way, he has strats which work, and now Lushnek has seen the strat that Hwired used so if he will be able to let Fue do it that way as well.

So off we went to Baleroc after.  Now I know why they want to 2 heal it, you need a HUGE amount of dps to get that health down.  We did it with 3 healers but you know how shitty my healing is for that fight - yes I tried the tree form regrowth spam but that oom'ed me once I dropped out of tree and despite a mana tide and 2 innervates I was struggling.  Nourish spam is so SLOW that the decimation blade would kill you before I get my heal off.  Though swiftmend would probably help with that anyway.  But, on the last ditch attempt of the night they decided to 2 heal it.  And I had to dps.  GULP.

So I was hyperanxious - I hardly even dps let alone DPS a heroic Firelands boss!  But I did have a heroic feral hat and some half decent gear (all discarded stuff for sharding) so I really should try and do something with it I guess.  In the end I managed to do it and not die and not kill anyone (but everyone was very encouraging and said I did well for my first time - poor Belinia, I did more dps than he did but shhh), but it was pretty tough with the healing, trying to get stacks.  With Voe and Beauti doing it (Shaman and Disc priest) was difficult - but who says you need paladins to do stuff right?  We'll show you that it can be done without a paladin healer!

So Sunday we will be trying again.  I guess I'd better work on my DPS rotation.