Thursday raiding - 2 10mans and relearning Shannox (and doing Rhyolith)

We mixed the teams up this week, and both teams had a go at heroic Shannox but only my team persisted with it.  And we did spend a LONG time on it.

Changes to the team from last week were:
Me (Navi) instead of Voe (heals)
Caedis instead of Shabadu (mage)
Sevros instead of Ampharos (lock vs Spriest)

Only Caedis hadn't done heroic Shannox before.  And he had a lot of responsibility this time - he was going to be breaking Face rage and kiting.  We were worried about him as we all know Caedis has dreadful ground awareness - he would get trapped in Shannox without fail EVERY week at least 1-3 times per attempt.  So in view of that, we thought ok, we'll get Souglyy to break Rageface.

But that didn't work.  Souglyy is survival spec, and before everyone yells and screams about how dare she play that, don't you know that MM is THE raiding spec, she plays it very well.  I think it's her BC/WotLK hunter spec, and she one of those who is resistant to change (think Shabadu with frost and Targetme with his healing) but she has found a way to make it work for her.  However she doesn't do big hits and could not break Face Rage, and she did try very hard.

Anyway back to Caedis.

So at the beginning of the raid I said "Caedis, no stepping in traps.  You're not allowed to step in traps!  I don't know why you are always getting stuck in traps.  If you step in traps today you're not allowed to do heroics ever again."  OK, it sounds harsh, but it's me talking, and nobody listens to me seriously so I don't think he took offence.  Much.

Anyway, Caedis told me that he has that problem at home.  His wife is forever having to get him to stop stepping in dog poo.  He can't see the dog poo, that's why he steps in it.

So when we got to Shannox, I yelled "No stepping in Dog Poo!!"

And you know what?  He never stepped in it, all night.  Not even once.  Now that was a major breakthrough.

So we battled on with Shannox.  We wiped a lot.  People died to Face rage a lot.  But we did make progress.  Caedis started to get the hang of the traps.  Shnaptim said to me, "What's wrong today?  It was so easy last week."  And I said, "Do you know what's different today?"  And he cheekily said, "You're here?"  Kek.  I said last week you had two tanks who had done it, and also the Face Rage breaker who had done it before, so it worked like a well-oiled machine.  Healing is not an issue here, you could take any 3 healers and it would be fine, or even any 2.  Face rage is the killer, and controlling Shannox and dogs, not our healing.  Oh, and I forgot, the two tanks decided to swap roles for the night, so that was another difference.

But by the end when we did kill it, it was messy.  Hwired died with maybe 3% on the boss, and his dying gift to us was getting Riplimb trapped in a crystal.  And then we all started dying, and Shannox died with only the 2 Warlocks up.  Messy.  But it was done, and I think Caedis learned something, and so did Souglyy.  Nabe got the legs and gloves.

So on to Rhyolith which wasn't half as messy.  Roshii was driving, and he doesn't like it.  No, NOT AT ALL.  It stressed him out.  I wish I had been there last week, apparently Hwired was driving and there was a lot of yelling and swearing on their attempts, and I THINK when they stopped swearing they got it.  In comparison to Shannox, it seemed easy, I think we got it after 4 attempts almost at the end of raid.  And it was a hell of a lot cleaner.  Beauti got neck, and Sev got the shoes.

I found a link today about driving Rhyolith from one of Jasyla's guildies, Tikari, who is their rogue.  I'm so telling Roshii that rogues should be driving Rhyolith, always.  He's going to love that.