There's no place like WoW

With patch approaching the usual wind down of WoW happens and so many guildies say to me how WoW is dying, it's losing subscribers, there are so many new games coming out that people will stop playing WoW...

But I still affirm there's no place like WoW.

WoW is not just a game, it's a community.  A social hub.

Sure everyone is out there on Skyrim right now and Monday night raid time looked like Monday morning 6am (hey no offence to the breakfast clubbers!) but hey we cleared Firelands and I know everyone was happy they could go play other games... but I know that at raid time Wednesday there will still be the same old people logging in just to say hi even if they don't want to raid.  And if there is no raid, there will be sighs of relief as they all go back to whatever game they were playing, but it was the logging in that counts.

Patch always brings apathy until it actually is out.  Raids fizzle as the old content gets boring and people wait for the new stuff to reignite their interest.

I can imagine that people who read this will say "Navi, seriously I'm bored of WoW and I don't want to play anymore, it's losing it's appeal" but I wonder if they will miss the social activity and chatting that makes WoW so appealing for me.

WoW for me is relaxing time at the end of the day.  My big social interaction after putting the kids to bed and I can talk like an adult and swear and curse and all those things I'm not supposed to be doing with toddlers in earshot.  When I'm frustrated I log in and PVP to beat the crap out of something.  If I want to be alone I go do my archaeology.  If I want to be social, well I go do a dungeon for fun and practice some dps and hope nobody laughs at me.

Am I addicted to WoW?  Work colleagues think I am - after all who invests 12 hours a week on something that is just a computer game right?  My husband thinks I am, and thinks our life would be better without WoW.  My guild buddies probably think I am with my 330 days of /played but hey they can't talk right?

So what do I think?  Am I addicted?

Ok so I show all the signs of addiction.  I login first thing in the morning when I get up to check the auction house.  I talk about WoW non stop.  I blog about WoW.  I read other blogs about WoW.  I chat on Twitter to other people about WoW and see what they're saying about WoW - which now I can do at work.  The last thing I do at night before bed is logout of WoW or finishing up a post in this blog.

But hey, I've got the login screen up and I'm not logged in right?  That's got to count for something!  Oops, maybe it doesn't coz I'm sitting here writing about WoW.

Ok, well if I put it like that... maybe I am addicted :)  But I can stop anytime... I just don't want to.  I would miss the community, the hub, the gossip.  I would miss that nice cooperation team thing you have happening which you'd probably only get otherwise from playing in a dirty muddy field with a bunch of other people kicking a ball around.  To all those guildies (and fellow bloggers) who read my blog, I would miss you!  All of you :)  since you guys are often the inspiration for my blog posts (other than the myriad of blogs I follow and read).  So yep, there's definitely no place like WoW :)


  1. Although I like most of the activities I do in WoW, it is primarily a social game for me as well. It's the one guaranteed opportunity each day for me to have real time conversations in English with people!!

  2. @redcow - aka I was surprised there isn't more nihongoin your posts :) but now that I've read this reply I know why.


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