Target acquired: Formal Dangui

Woohoo! I got it this morning!

For those who don't know, the Formal Dangui is a white item, which is not BOP and can be traded around on your bank alts.  It serves no purpose except to dress up.  It's sold by Geenia Sunshadow, the specialty dress maker in Moonglade.  Apparently it's very rare - a 2 month spawn timer according to Wowhead - and can go for a huge sums on AH.

Well that's all very nice, but I want it because it looks cool, and now I have it and I'm going to parade myself around in it for a while and see if anyone actually knows what it is.  I wonder if anyone will want to buy it off me.

So what is a Dangui?  Dang'ui (pronounced Tang-ooi) is a type of upper garment for women in traditional Korean dress (Hanbok).  I asked a few of my Korean friends and they're like "Wha..?" This is because they often wear a top called jeogori (which is more like a short blouse) with their hanbok, whereas dangui seems to be longer.


  1. Grats Navi! you finally got it :D

    - Rosh

  2. @Roshii - Thanks! Guess what I'll be wearing to raid :)

  3. aww that is sweet!


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