Sunday Raiding - Heroic Staghelm down!

Yay!  Our all night effort paid off :)

Ok, so it wasn't the cleanest kill ever but it was our first time!  At least I'm still standing!  We hit the enrage timer twice and we still had like 6% to go and so we had to change our strategy a bit.  I know, "everyone" out there does it with 2 healers, but as I've said in earlier posts, it's not fair on our healers to be expected to DPS when we are here to heal, so the DPS had to pump a little bit more out.

One thing I was glad of was that we hit the enrage timer.  Some sceptics wanted to try to do it the normal way we do it but there was no way we could do that amount of damage required, and it showed when we did it the "no scythe" way.

As usual with a Frostwolves raid there were a few amusing moments to me:
  • Hwired went down super fast during one phase and I was swearing on Vent (how unusual...) and I noticed there were 2-3 cats up.  Someone asked "What happened?" and Hwired said "I had all the dogs on me."  Dogs?  More animal dyslexia from Hwired :P
  • One attempt when we were trying to think how to maximise DPS Hwired thought he could antimagic shield and take a scythe.  Splat.  Ok,guess we can't do it that way then.
  • We were about to pull Staghelm and we were having 3 dps out, and I went and stood with Caedis for a few seconds, and I forgot that we were having 3 dps out and the rest in (was still in everyone out mode).  I thought I could sneak back to the raid and pretend I was just umm, buffing.  Caedis said in Vent,  "Navi, are you meant to be out too?"  Doh.  Busted.
  • One of the reasons I glyph tree form is so that I can look like a treant and if I stuff up, people will think that oh, that stupid pet treant hitting the wrong target or standing in the wrong spot.  I was tree form yesterday and got hit by a wave from Rag's hammer, oops.  Of course, there was no boomkin in the raid so I couldn't even pretend to be a treant in the wrong place at the wrong time...
  • Ok, so maybe I stuffed up and forgot to put the Mastery/Minor mvmt speed on my boots.  So I did that mid raid.  I don't think that many people noticed... maybe now I won't get hit by so many leaps even when I'm running.
So what did we do this time?

Our hardest bit on this fight is getting the orbs right.  Every other phase is not too bad.

So we tried no flamescythes, we hit enrage timer.  So we decided to try one healer on the orbs since most people 2 heal it anyway.  Ok Shnaptim died, but that least that helped one dps get a little more dps out.  Then we thought ok, let's do one lot of 4 scythes and have 3 dps out.  So we put Roshii, Sevros and Caedis out and the rest of us in.  It seemed good that way.  We got heaps of dps in, and then we got a seed phase instead of an orb phase (or am I mistaken?  It seemed to be that way) and it seemed longer between orb phases.  Anyway when we finally killed it, it was during an orb phase and people were all over the place and we still had 40 secs till enrage so that seemed like the way to do it with 3 healers.

So would you believe it, Warrior/Hunter/Shaman stuff dropped again.  You bastard!  Moopie came along and he nabbed them, but if he hadn't been there, Souggly would have gotten them.  Bracers were taken by Caedis and Plate chest was taken by Hwired for offspec.


  1. Yeah, making him go scorpion first means you get the seed phase first instead of the orb phase. We should only get one orb phase or at least kill him in the second orb phase (like last night).

    He definitely seemed to do a lot more damage with that strat but he never felt overly difficult. We just needed to get the dps right and it worked!


  2. @Hwired - was a good feeling to get it right. At least I think it's repeatable with that strategy!

  3. Good work gang :)



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